Thursday, April 12, 2012

dock of the bay upload week

sittin' in the morning sun
i'll be sittin' when the evening comes...

have you been singing this tune as much as i have lately?

if so, then you are just as ready for some uploads for dock of the bay as i am. i have been busting it, busting it, busting it lately to get all of these goodies ready to put up inventory and ship to your home to put on your little cuties.

confession...just like anything else i assembly-line, i started to grow weary of DOTB. i was over linen and its 4-way give, over all the details that i fall so madly in love with and then begin to question my sanity as i repeat them over and over again, and i seriously thought if i hand-gathered one more time i might poke my eyeball with my trusty hemostats.

and then, my dears...the magic happened. i got up one day, put on some shagging music (now, don't go being all gutter-minded...remember, not austin powers here), took off my grumpy pants and started to put dock of the bay ON my sweet, little towheaded model who isn't obliging much these days. and it happened.


i remembered at that moment WHY i loved dock of the bay so much. as i watched my sassafras don all of the gorgeous slub linens that i had just cussed days before, beautiful blues with hints of red and coral, chambray and a gauzey cotton that blew in the wind better than i could have ever asked for when hand-dyeing every.last.bit of 16 hit me. it took my breath away and i could almost smell that beautiful salt water marsh. i could almost hear the tybee waves and i swanny i could have tasted a cold bevo. well, that last part was probably not just a figment of my imagination, but all in all...i was speechless.

i did it. again. i took my own breath away. i was head over heels in love with dock of the bay. just a few days before i was swearing and throwing tantrums and quitting it all time and again. but, here i was now...shamelessly in love.

i really wondered after knocking my own socks off with daydream believer if i could ever top the gorgeous retro feel, designs and colors of the collection. i was worried that dock of the bay (and anything else that followed suit) wouldn't stand a chance. and you know what, honestly...dock of the bay doesn't top daydream, it stands right beside it up on my high horse. the two collections couldn't be more different if they tried, but yet...they are ME. they are BG to a tee and i loves them!

okay, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. what you are all really here for is upload information. so, here goes.

all inventory will be uploaded to my big cartel store. if you haven't already bookmarked it, go for it now.

this is where the magic happens. if you go right now, i think it still has all of the daydream believer up, and in the next few days i will be working on it for DOTB inventory. everyday next week i will upload new pieces at 10 am CST. inventory is first-come, first-serve and when it is is gone. there will not be another upload for DOTB. here is the schedule.

monday april 16th at 10 CST - darby in linen and the lazy susan will upload

tuesday april 17th at 10 CST - the pink lemonade dress, dusty blue clam diggers and the lake dress will upload

wednesday april 18th at 10 CST - the blondie and summer sailors will upload

thursday april 19th at 10 CST
- the linen lilys and blue tilly will upload

friday april 20th at 10 CST - the allie oop and sadie will upload

here are just a few rules and regulations. haha. now doesn't that sound serious?
  • i will post a new blog with all of the sizing info regarding the pieces to be uploaded a day in advance.
  • i will hold all orders until the upload is finished.
  • orders will be shipped or ready for pick-up (if you are in the jackson, ms area) by that following friday, april the 27th.
  • please use the coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout if you are local OR if you have placed an order earlier in the week and place another later in the week. i will combine shipping.
  • once you place an item in your big cartel cart, it will stay there for 30 minutes. if you have not checked out in 30 minutes, it will drop. i do not have ANY control over the inventory once i have it live. in fact, i cannot tell what is in carts and what has sold until the smoke has cleared.

please, if there are any questions email me at browniegoose(at)hotmail(dot)com. i check my facebook page as well, but this new timeline thing really throws me for a loop!

and now...for the fun part. all of the photos!

the pink lemonade dress

the sadie (she works as a top and a skirt) and the dusty blue clam diggers

the blue tilly and linen lilys (i totally should have thought about those names first before being all rhymey-rhymey)

the lazy susan and darby in linen

the lake dress (be STILL my heart, remember...this is the dress that graced the cover of South Magazine :) )

the blondie and summer sailors

the allie oop

phew, man...i could cry just looking at them again. designing a collection does some serious damage to my sanity. but man oh man, the finished product just reminds me that there is a method to my madness!

now, after all the smoke settles from the upload and all orders are shipped, i will start work on all of the patterns that will be available from this line. these are the ones i plan to publish:

  • lazy susan
  • lemonade dress
  • clam diggers
  • lake dress
  • blondie
  • summer sailors
  • lily capri
  • allie oop dress
  • tilly top
  • sadie

as you can see...i have my work cut out for me. pun intended. hehe. not to mention a move to georgia! so, stay tuned on facebook for info about patterns and publish dates. and just to throw in a little fun, i have some extra DOTB fabric inventory that i will be de-stashing as well. so, hopefully this time no mad dashes for seriously out of print joels. :)

peace out for the night - will be back this weekend with sizing info and details for the darby in linen and lazy susan!

and as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you wonderful ladies (and gentlemen, my sweet husband can probably attest to designing messing with my sanity) that stand behind me and BG tall and proud. you are why i do what i do, and you are why i have been able to continue. i thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! never knew a girl and a sewing machine could be so lucky to have an amazing support team. :)


Chasingmermaids said...

oh beautiful Amy and such sweet models...cannot wait to get an original might have to get the sadie for my Sadie....but love love the lake dress i am also planning how to find time to get all these patterns and try!!

RyanandJenn said...

super excited about the patterns! But your not releasing the darby in linen or linen lilys? I'm sooooo sad about that. :(

Brendan and Melissa said...

Holy cow - that is a whole lot of cuteness! I just showed my (very picky) daughter and she loved it all. And just so you know... I've got a piece of fabric picked out just waiting to be made into the lake. Or maybe pink lemondade. :) SO BEAUTIFUL!

Sherri said...

How can I get the summer sailor shorts pattern? I have looked on Etsy and cannot find it. Thank you for your help.

Sherri said...

I would love to order the Summer Sailor shorts. Please give the info to place my order. Thank you.