Friday, April 20, 2012

DOTB: friday upload

last, but not least...whoop, whoop! you girls have TORN up this dock of the bay upload like it is your business. nice work!

okay, today up for grabs is the allie oop dress and the sadie.

the allie oop is a sweet little dress with a curved yoke, keyhole opening and button tabs that flap over on the back. she was a LOT of work to draft and construct, but i love, love, love how feminine she is. i cannot hardly even stand those green buttons on the back! the sweetness of this dress just is out of control.

then you come to sadie...and speaking of out of control. haha. color-blocking the BG way. blues, whites, yellows and BRIGHT pops of red make this little number a big hit. i had originally planned on her as a top. HOWEVER, on the day i was putting it on lou to take pictures, she was acting silly and when taking it off said, "mommy, look...i'd rather wear it as a skirt." brilliance, dear louisa! so, make this sadie right up your little one's alley - skirt or shirt, depends on the mood. it has an elastic back so there is plenty of room to grow. i played around with the straps trying to make them detachable, etc. for when worn as a skirt - but to be completely honest...the BEST and easiest way i found for it to work without lou complaining about something itching her or poking her was grabbing a good, old-fashioned safety pin and pinning those jokers down. keeping it simple, :).

now, here is sizing info on these beauts:

remember, TODAY is the day. today, is the LAST day! be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the allie oop and the sadie. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian & UK ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested! also, don't forget the code SHIPFREE if you are local or have already snagged something this week and would like to combine shipping!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

and for everyone that has ordered already this week - thank you a bazillion goondocks! you are all super awesome and i will be sitting down to sort all invoices this weekend, refund extra shipping, confirm shipping addys and all that fun stuff!

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Kristi with a K said...

Hope I'm lucky!! Still feel bad I missed the lovely linen yesterday for Ashley :(