Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some Serious Fabulousness!

Okay, are we even ready for all this fabulousness? Ooooohhh-weee is all I can say. About a week or two ago, I reached out and asked for some of the tailors who are out there that wanted their names/businesses to be advertised to contact me. Can I even begin to tell you how my emails blew up? It was like I had just opened orders! For the record…I am not open on orders at the moment. :)

Turns out, there are so many girls out there with some mad skills at the sewing machine and brownie-goose is about to share some of their info with you. Yes, it is a bit scary to advertise my competition, but I think these girls need some recognition! Some of the work just blew me away. The fabrics, the designs, the vision…etc, it just made me so proud of all of these girls and their hard work. I can honestly say about 95% of these people are moms just like me who sew when their sweet kiddos sleep. I know first hand that this is not an easy task to take on, so props to all of these ladies!

As just a reminder, brownie-goose is just me. Just a girl and her machines with a freakish love/addiction of bright fabrics and funky patterns. I love to do this. I love when I go somewhere and see a little kiddo in my clothes. It makes me smile. I love all the support I get from my amazing customers. I get at least one email a day telling me how much someone loves my clothes, or how they just thank me for making something for their kids when they have no clue how I find the time to do so. Or, even better...going to my porch the other day to find a sweet card with a Starbucks gift card from a sweet customer, just because. It is in the moments of reading these emails and notes that I am reminded of why I do brownie-goose. It is a rush, I love it and love to know that something that makes me happy (yet stressed sometimes as I will be honest) makes someone else just as happy. All of my customers are great and thankfully super supportive and patient with me. With that being said, it tears me up when I close orders and cannot take everyone’s orders and sew for everyone’s kids. If I could figure out a way to do it while still being a super Mom to the most precocious toddler I know, I would do it. But, I have yet to figure all that out. So, in the meantime…if you see the red light (which my husband jokes with me daily about my business and it’s red light, ha) come on back to this post and look at some of the names and businesses that I am about to put out there for you. Some of these girls own businesses much like brownie-goose, while some just sew in their spare time to make some extra cash. So, here they are…my competition. Scary as this is about to be, here they are. Love them, take a look at them and continue to support us moms out there! In saying all of this, I am asking that my BFF Murphy’s Law stay far away from making myself put my own self out of business with this one. Yikes, who knows!!

UPDATE - I had to remove all of these since the email addys and website addys were pulling SPAM to my site something awful. So, if you need to know....holler at me!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


okay girls...i am still falling off my rocker in advertising for some competitors. i have gotten some great feedback and some awesome work!!!

i *think* i will be posting all the info this weekend. just depends on how this week at the machines goes. so, if you are out there and haven't gotten me your info....come on down girls!

off to some beauty sleep. peace out.