Monday, August 13, 2012

BG + HB = BFF 4-eva

okay, i know that title is so nerdy and dorky - but after the turn of events this afternoon, anything is humorous to me. plus, we all know i am a dork like that anyways. :)

our upstairs renovation started today, and since we are living in the house while the reno goes on we have made a small area in the basement that is about 400 square feet temporary living space. what this means is that most of everything my family of 4 people, 2 labradors and a kitty cat, does is in this space. hope we love each other. close quarters for sure.

well, today has been a bit hectic getting everyone settled into the basement. the day started off pooey as i was chastised in the carpool line when i broke a rule i didn't know existed (i may be awesome (hehe), but i am not much of a rule-breaker, well...not anymore at least), and then i come home to my sweet brown dog not feeling well and limping and being all pitiful. then, nash decided to strike nap time and once i got lou home from school we discovered a leak in the 400 square feet of "safe space" that we have (on brand new flooring) and trying to deal with that and screaming kids at the beginning of suicide hour...well, let's just say that i'm spent. it's about beer-thirty.

okay - off the pitty potty for me. ain't nobody got time for that! instead, let's learn about the new pattern hitting the shops tomorrow and a fun fabric deal with HBfabrics!

after many, many, many requests and inquiring minds...the Lily Ruffler will be released in my etsy shop tomorrow.

this ruffler is probably one of my faves ever. it puts a little spin on the old double ruffle pants and gives you the option of adding trim and even another fabric to peek out from behind that top curved ruffle. the cut is slimmer than the sleepy jeans - since with the ruffly-ness (dear spell check, yes that IS a word. sincerely, the girl behind BG) you need slimmer lines. trust me. we cannot be having these girls looking all frumpified! oh, and what would a BG pattern be without buttons? and better yet - i drafted this pattern for capri and pant length. so the hardest part is deciding which length you wanty. :)

so, while that is awesome news - i haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

if you buy the Lily Ruffler in the first 3 days - you will get a coupon code good for 10% off your purchase at HBfabrics. and better yet - hilary just got a TON of new fabrics this weekend. on top of all the other awesomeness in her shop - she just got more of the robert kaufman chambrays that you see used on many, many pieces of BG. i love to sew with his chambrays - you cannot beat them with a stick! she has the royal (i've used these for the summer sailors on the dock of the bay, the limited edition lolas on the daydream believer, all my denim rufflers), black (this was the ever-popular sleepy jean fabric) and drumroll....MOCHA. girls, this mocha is dying to be a Lily. she told me so. and don't EVEN get me started on the yarn dyed linen. oooooooooh my darlin. and oh smacks, i just saw she restocked the robert kaufman metro living line. danger fabriholics!

so come on ladies...the early bird gets the worm. get the lily ruffler before midnight on thursday and reward yourself with some new fabric! the coupon code will be emailed to you with the pattern and hilary gets a list of the purchasers, so no code sharing please!

enabeler, yes....bad influence, always. sorry ladies. ;)