Wednesday, August 31, 2011

let the assembly line begin...

okay, so phew...the design and implementing phase of Daydream Believer is finally done. man - i worked my poor creative brain to the BONE this time. with the exception of the Rusty Nina Tunic (pattern by Nina Bonita Designs, this girl is brilliant), each and every design is my very own. that makes me uber proud, and exhuasted! i need to find something mindless to reward that brain for a few.

as i said before, this is by FAR my fave ever. i mean, i just adore it and am so proud of it and hope that you all like it as much as i do. i can almost guarantee that if your kiddo is sporting some DB, there will not be many kids out there dressed the same - and THAT my dears is my whole vision and goal behind BG. keep it small, and keep it real. :)

so, now that all of the designing is done and everything has been worked out on fabric (not saying i didn't have some pattern fails...which is very frustrating, but allowed me to come up with even better designs i think) it is now time for me to turn my attention to the assembly line part of it. confession...this is my least fave part. but, it gets the BG from my sewing room to your kid's closets.

off to the cutting board i go...but just some love in case you haven't seen it on facebook yet.

(ps - these rust leggings will not be on DB...i am sorry, i LOVE them and would love to share, but i simply cannot wrap my head around assembly-lining these yet...but, if you sew check out Lily Giggle for the pattern!)

and i realized something quite important this morning that i completely FORGOT in planning DB. i never made arrangements for a photo shoot. oh crap. and we all know who BG loves as a photographer, but her awesomeness keeps Mary Moment Photography busy and booked so prepare to see louisa's probably unhappy face (she told me the other day she was 'ober being a super model for now') over and again, whoops! but, i will post photos of the complete collection in plenty of time before i upload to etsy (BG on etsy) just so that you can see it all out in front of you and decide what you would like. i plan to do more than one upload to the etsy store. i will make a certain number of each item and put up for sale, and then later re-visit the assembly line and produce more. so, don't fret if you don't score anything on the first upload...there will be more. :)

in the meantime...sing it girls,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

getting soooooo excited!

okay, while i am no where near putting daydream believer up in the shop yet...i just wanted to share.

i am SO stinking excited about it. with each line, it is always fun to watch all the fabrics come together and the designs to finally be put on fabric. however, for some reason...this line is just speaking to me. it is giving me the chills. and it is funny, as i have been very disorganized with it. i have made last minute fabric choices when usually i study them for weeks. i don't even have all of my designs drawn out, just cutting and drawing as i go. i guess i am just kinda winging it. but i am having the most fun in doing so. and i just may dare say it...

i think this is by FAR my fave BG ever. and i mean, ever.

the colors, the designs, the coordinates, the lines, the is all so ME. i honestly want to wear each and every piece i have made so far. i don't know if i will ever be able to upstage this one.

but more than anything, as it usually goes when i pour my design heart out to the public...i hope it is just as much you as it is me. i hope that you 'get it' like i do. i hope you find yourself wanting to lose yourself in it. and i hope you find yourself forever singing that familiar tune that started it all...

peace out kiddos.