Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the newest member of the BG family

before i go on to tell you all about the newest pattern i have, let me first set down some rules. if i ever, ever, ever, ever try to come out with a new pattern in november or december i need one of you to come find me and rearrange my teeth. i won't hold it against you. promise. i mean, if i even mention it...yall discuss it amongst yourselves and figure out who will come do the disciplining. :) bad, bad timing on my part. in fact, i usually take november and december off, but this year i must have had a moment of invincibility in which i could do it all. lesson learned.

but with that said, at the end of the day i had an amazing set of testers that helped me along the way. this was my first time using a facebook group for testing and i must say i am now hooked. you will see in this post with 3,931 photos how awesome of a job they did. but first...a little behind the scenes.

cricket is the newest pattern to join the family of BG. and the best part - inspiration for this pattern came from all of you! that's right. i kept seeing all of these fabulous creations you were making on the brownie-goose lovers page on facebook, especially the one you all called the "lazy pepper." for those not familiar, people were using the bodice of the lazy susan and the bell sleeves of the pepper for a really pretty combination. so, i got to work. i took that beautiful boat neck from the lazy susan and scooped it out just a bit more. then, i added quite possibly my fave part...the gathered bishop sleeves. i just swoon every time i see them! then i put a sweet curved hem on the bottom of an a-line and finished it off with a keyhole button closure in the back. i love it. simplicity at its best.

in the tutorial, i have included pattern pieces for both a cricket dress and a tunic. as you will see from all of these pictures, you may be hard pressed to pick a fave. the tunic was made for a pair of straight leg or skinny blue jeans - and i am dying over the dress paired with cowboys and flats. i have also added a tutorial in for a how to on adding/removing length from a curved hem (not everyone loves the dresses as short as the girl behind BG does) and how to add/remove length from a sleeve. these are tips you can use with almost any pattern, so a great addition to the sewing arsenal! 

so now for the best part...all the beautiful tester photos!


 i had almost forgotten that the cricket is fantabulous with the henrietta pant!!

that sleeve...i just die.
these next few girls are so stinking excited about the never ending possibilities for fabric choice...cotton, voile, knit, oh my!

 pearls and cowboy boots...the way to the girl behind BG's heart!

 between this gorgeous keyhole and this little girl's personality, i think i need to put her in my pocket.

 the dress is designed to hit right above the knee, but with the tutorial i included you can easily adjust it for a more modest length.

i am going to need this one right here in my size. 


that sleeve...every time i cannot hardly stand it. swoon.


 i don't know what i love more...the wooden button, the yellow fabric or those cheeks!!

and last but not least...these sweet sisters in flannel crickets. overload.

now for the question that everyone is asking...when. not sure just yet. remember what i said about the whole bad timing and this month being wild? well, it holds true for me and my awesome graphics girl that not only just moved but is also renovating, grieving the loss of her sweet hound dog, being a momma to two of the most adorable boys you have ever seen (she calls them her clowns, i have a soft spot for them) and unpacking.

so, i foresee the cricket in the next couple of weeks. i just couldn't hold it from you anymore and wanted to share all of the fun photos! i will also attach a link for materials needed and size chart here in case anyone wants to take advantage of new years fabric sales. :) i will announce the debut on the facebook page - so don't miss out!

click here to be directed to the size chart and materials needed list.

xoxo - amy

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

boutique challenge auctions AND brownie-goose

ladies - i have been DYING to tell you all about this but i was sworn to secrecy and although i wanted to bust at some times, i didn't. but now, i get to let the cat out of the bag!

i was COMPLETELY honored to be contacted by one of the girls at boutique challenge auctions. if you aren't familiar with this group of ladies - i must say do yourself a favor and check them out (here is the facebook page). this is a group of insanely talented ladies who are given a challenge and a deadline to come up with designs in the sewing world. for instance, they may be given a challenge of rainbows and they must come up with a design around rainbows, or they may be given a specific designer and challenged to mix some of the designer's patterns, etc. needless to say, these girls know what they are doing when it comes to the sewing/design world. at the end, an auction is held that offers these creations at less than retail price. i mean, can you even stand the fun!!??

well, the brownie-goose challenge just hit the blog, and i must say...i am FLOORED. i am completely amazed and humbled at the creativity of these designs. i mean, holy macaroni - some of these designs are out of this world! this is the kind of thing that makes me all warm fuzzy and giddy at the same time. sewing is RAD people, and it makes you feel good! congrats to all of the ladies that entered, your creativity is out of this world!

so, as the featured designer i am supposed to pick just 1 design that "wins" from the designer side. how in the hiccups am i supposed to do that!!!??

that my geese, is where i need your help! head over to the boutique challenge blog and cast the vote for your fave design. this also enters you in the chance to win a gift certificate to BCA. once you do that, come back here and comment and tell me your fave! let me know before friday at noon (EST) so i can have the chance to tally all the votes up and make a decision. :)

with that said - i am actually leaving town early in the morning. byron and i have a kid's free wedding weekend at the grand in point clear (one of my fave places). due to spotty cellular service, i have the shop shut down until i get back in town. but, i will be checking in for this challenge to see who your fave is!

thanks again ladies, go VOTE and have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

pepper's dress

the newest pattern to join the world of BG pdfs - meet pepper and fall head over, i know i did.

where do i even start with this dress? maybe back last december when she was first sketched out. i was sitting on the porch with louisa and she was helping me plan some dresses. i love an asymmetric bodice, and when i drew one she informed me it would be prettier with some lace or a ruffle. smart child. it started as a sleeveless dress that i had all intentions of getting into drafts and having one made for her for easter. well...that was about the time that my spare time decided to run off with not only my cleaning lady but also the lawn man. humph. 

so, pepper was a little late to hit the drafting tables, but i am kind of glad she was. you see, since i was drafting her this summer...i realized that all of my aussie girls would love me with a sleeveless pattern coming out in the fall - but i thought that maybe if i added some sleeves, i could give this dress more versatility. well, i love to draft sleeves about as much as i love to poke out my own eyeballs, but one night in bed i dreamed of a pepper dress with long bell sleeves and i was hooked. i won't admit how long it took to draft those sleeves, but let's just say they make me so happy!
anyways, ladies...meet pepper. she is 2 patterns in 1, literally. there is a bodice for a sleeveless dress and then a separate bodice for a dress with long, bell sleeves. dress her up with lace, ruffles or piping on that fancy asymmetric bodice and you cannot go wrong. 
then, if you are feeling fancy...add in that back buttoned tab. hopefully it will make you smile like it does me.
oh, and for all of you that have little girls that feel the need to hoard collect stuff treasures in their pockets, this dress is perfect since it includes hidden inseam pockets.
and lately i have been on twirl patrol, and adding oh so much to the skirts of my dresses. because really, what girl doesn't like to twirl?
she comes in sizes from 6-12 months all the way up to a 12. and i might just have some fun tutorials/sew alongs up my sleeve for a jacket and a pleated skirt. but you know, that all depends on if my spare time ever decides to come home. 

have i convinced you yet? if not...how about some tester awesomeness to steer you in the right direction.
 this little girl makes me smile. :)
 how cool is this little girl's momma for letting her play in the fountain? what better treat for a photo shoot!?
 i cannot stand the sweetness of these next 2. a girl and her daddy and then look at those sweet tootsies on her tippies!
check out all the detail in this one...swoon!
 i mean, can you hardly stand it? i can't. well girls, she is in my shop today. get her and love her and be excited for a dress for all seasons. :)

thanks again ladies for being so awesome. i heart you the most!