Wednesday, January 18, 2012

when life hands you lemons...

you can make lemonade. OR, if you are like can make the lemonade dress.

OR if neither tickle your fancy, go get you some retail therapy and buy you a lemonade dress. (well, not completely true...she isn't for sale just yet) isn't she fabulous?

oh i just love her. and i am so glad too since it took me an embarrassing amount of hours to perfect her. you may or may not have seen my post on facebook where poor sandra dee was looking like a voodoo doll. i knew i wanted something different (imagine that) that would define the dress as a BG Original. i think i did good, huh?

i find myself swooning over her angel sleeves, the sweet neckline with a button flap and military-style tab all the way down to the soft a-line shape of the skirt and the cute little opening slit in the back. my size, please!

the lemonade dress will debut on the dock of the bay line. however, not in these fabrics. i have to give a huge thank you to meagan of the mean princess for the awesome eye in picking out that amazing blue fabric. she did a fabulous dress out of it (if you haven't seen it, please go drool yourself over her is amazing), and i knew i *needed* some too. on dock of the bay, lemonade dress will be just as fine...with a color combination that just might make you squeal for joy.

just a little teaser...before i shade out big time to finish the design-phase of dock of the bay. hope you likey. now to get to cleaning - showing in the house in a bit and i have learned that unfortunately a sewable sewing room does not equal a showable sewing room. fiddlesticks and gargamels.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

oh what can it mean to a DAYDREAM BELIEVER

wow. the end of daydream. i am actually very sad to see it go. i said it from the beginning and i still mean far my most fave line EVER. dock of the bay has some really, really big shoes to fill.

and i think you all loved it too, dare i say? i am having a hard time letting some of it go. and usually by the end of one of my seasons i am so far over the fabrics that i don't want to see them again...but not this time. i mean, i am ready for the challenge of new designs and finding fabrics - but i don't know if i can honestly say that if i ran across some of the fabric from daydream at a great price that i wouldn't jump again. yep, i am completely, certifiably nutso. love me or leave me.

anyways - what you really want to know is the info about the last upload. it is tomorrow. i know, i am getting to this blog late...but today, life happened in my house and even though i had a billion things to do BG-wise, i practiced what i am trying so hard to preach...i turned off the light in my sewing room and told it all to wait - i had life to attend to.

so, tomorrow, friday january 6 at 10 am CST the last of the daydream believer will be uploaded on the cartel. be there, or be square.

debuting this upload are the lola bells - both the limited edition and the 'regulars' (the lola is hardly ordinary) and the skyline tank. also up for grabs are some of the ever-popular sleepy jeans, plum hatties, rusty ninas and a few of the lucky star pants. and then it will be done. and for the first time in BG history, the girl behind BG is actually sad to see it go.

anyways - below is all the sizing info you will need for all of the new styles debuting. if you still need info on sizing for any of the other styles, you can click on the daydream believer tab up top and scroll down to see all the other information in posts past. all items will ship or be ready for pick-up on or before next wednesday, january 11th.

and for just a little teaser...i have more of the fabric that i did that sweet little katie top that is pictured in the lola bell photo. i have had many requests for that i might just have to whip up a few of those to pair with your lolas. but i will let you know ahead of time, promise. i will also be working on getting the nelle pattern published and for sale in my etsy shop (yipppppppppeeeee). once all that is done...i will park myself under my shade tree for a while while i dive into the new designs and colorways that will become dock of the bay. this next line is inspired by a song, duh...of course, but also by things in my childhood. and just so you know, i had a pretty cool childhood - so get excited. :)

as always, keep on rocking the BG kiddos. you are awesome and i love everyone of you! i appreciate the snot out of my incredibly loyal customers that, in my opinion, have fantastic taste in children's clothing. i am just getting cheeky. but i mean it. thank you BG'ers!

xoxo - amy