Sunday, October 21, 2012

anniversarys and holidays and boredom, oh my!

confession: i don't really know how to organize this post. it is quite ironic that i don't considering i have been writing it in my head for about a week now. but then again, the whole memory thing and neurons firing appropriately are not my strong points anymore. :)

BG is coming up on a big anniversary. 4 years. doesn't sound huge, but for those of you that run your own business and spend every waking minute pouring your heart and soul into it, answering emails, taking care of PR, putting out fires, balancing budgets, etc., you get it. i am so very proud of where my sweet, little hobby turned business is after 4 years. i feel i have grown immensely as a designer and i have made so many more friends through this process than i ever could have imagined! i have learned so much more about sewing and everything involved, designing, drafting, graphics, etc. than i ever thought possible. it has been a ride, let me tell you.

so, on that note...i think i can say that i have worked hard. very, very hard to be where i am right now. and, since i am all about rewarding positive behavior - i am going to finally reward myself. i am giving myself a holiday. a big, fat, 2 month long holiday. call it a break, call it a vacation, call it what you want - but my friend mira that lives in the netherlands calls it holiday and every time she says it, i smile. it just sounds like such a lovely thing to take, so yes, party of 1 sign me up.

it is no secret that i have been struggling with balance lately. i just recently blogged about it and in the past few months i have talked with many friends, my poor sweet husband who is blue in the face about hearing about BG, and God who knows way more about BG than i do at this point. i don't have a good answer, but a holiday seemed to be the general consensus of the group. it sounds great to me, although i did have one concern. and i voiced it to my husband and this is about how it went down...

byron - what is keeping you from taking a break?

amy - honestly, my biggest fear is that i am going to get bored.

byron - (with a smirk, a giggle and maybe even a snort thrown in there) amy, in the many years i have known you i have never seen you bored, although i would absolutely love to see you bored.

hmmmmm...while i am almost always right (duh), he does have a point. i won't get bored, and even if i come close i am sure i can find something to dive into. we crafters tend to not play nice-nice with idle time. :)
so, what this means to all of you fabulous customers - i will keep my shop open this week so that you can grab any pattern that you may feel you will need over the next 2 months (if you are like me, this puts me in panic mode and i feel the need to get everything, you know...just in case, haha). i will close shop on sunday, october 28th...exactly one week from today. in the 2 months that i am on holiday (still smiling), i will be checking emails maybe once a week or so - so i am not completely falling off the face of the earth, just being extra shady. :) i would say to think of it as a maternity leave without the baby, but us moms know that maternity leave is the EXACT opposite of a vacay!
in the meantime, i hope you ladies have the best holidays with your families. i cannot even begin to imagine the cuteness that will be going on over halloween, thanksgiving and christmas. keep sharing all of your creations on facebook because honestly, that is one of my fave ways to end the day...looking at all of your fabulousness and those adorable kiddos!
so, here's to holiday and getting bored and spending every waking moment not on BG, but on my sweet family. happy, happy aniversary BG. it's been 4 crazy awesome years!
LOVE my brownie geese!
xoxo - the girl behind BG

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

meet henry and henrietta

okay - before i cause any more confusion, let's just get this out there in the open. the henry and henrietta pants are the SAME pattern. the reason i decided to split the name was because of my little tow-headed fireball. one day i told her i was making her some fun pants. she asked what they were called. i said, oh the henry pants. and this is what followed: "oh, okay. well, i don't want to wear any pants that are called a boy's name."

so, to avoid all future meltdowns, to her they were the henrietta pants. i just kinda figured there were more fireballs out there that may refuse to wear henry pants - so i made them both gender friendly. :)

now, to meet those notorious pants.

over and again you ladies have asked me for more boy patterns. i try my hardest, but my noggin doesn't work as well when it comes to those boys. however, when designing daydream believer in my head i envisioned a slim-fitting pant with a flat front, elastic back, flared legs and suspenders. i was DYING to have some suspenders. and after many bad words, muslins thrown across the sewing room and then into the trash, the henry pant was born.

but, a certain someone couldn't just stop there. i had to keep going. add more details, more options and of course, make them unisex since i thought that would be a great cost-effective answer for a momma with both boys and girls. so, i kept at it and about 50 pages later (haha, not that long...but pretty darn close) i had instructions written out for the henry/henrietta pant with many, many options to make them your own. 

like suspenders? great. 


don't? well, then that is just fine too! 


want a welted pocket? GO FOR IT, it isn't as hard as you think. promise! (ps - there are instructions included for a welt pocket with or without button)

how about a cute button-tab front? sure thing my dearys.

ps - check out that adorable blouse. all courtesy of a gorgeous pattern by the brilliant ladies of violette field threads. seriously, you might need it. if not that one, i am sure they have something else you need. especially if you and i define wants and needs similar. ;)

you cannot go wrong with this pant. ever. 

i even included in the 459 page instructional booklet (hehe) an inseam chart so that you have a sort of GUIDE to help you decide sizes. 

oh yeah, AND i have a secret to tell. for those of you that asked for a pants edition of the summer sailors...guess what? yep, here you go. :) fooled you didn't i?

and now, i am going to knock your socks off. just because BG and HB play so well together, we have teamed up again. up to no good, hilary and i have decided to do another buy this pattern and get a discount code for her shop. because you realize, fabric and patterns go hand in hand, right?

so, if you purchase the henry/henrietta pant in the first three days of debut (so either on wednesday, thursday or friday) i will email you a discount code to get 10% off your purchase at HBfabrics. sweetness. total sweetness. she just happened to test the henry for me and check out her little cutie sporting some suspenders. it really is the coolest to sport the 'spenders, the girl behind BG has been sporting them a while (read here). word.

oh, and another thing - since my last blog post about running on empty i am sure you have seen how well i have shaded out. i told yall i was good at that. i have really enjoyed it. but also, i invested in a program that sends you your patterns immediately for instant download. it has been working fantabulously and i think i may love it as much as yall do! however, it doesn't work on bundle patterns, so, if you buy a bundle - i still have to email those out separately. but, just FYI - your henry/henrietta has the possibility of being in your hands within 5 minutes of purchase. wahoooooo!

so, don't hesitate - tomorrow morning when i drag myself out of bed at noon (wait, i was having a fabulous daydream just then of catching up on sleep) i will make the pattern live in my etsy store. i will email you within 24 hours of purchase the code to HBfabrics which will be good through the weekend. what a rocking start to hump day!

peace out geese!