Thursday, October 14, 2021

Lucky 13 - All Grown Up

It has been so long since I have blogged that it just took me about 20 minutes to try and remember how to post a new blog post. With that said, it is time my beloved geese.

13 years ago, I quit my "day job" as a pediatric nurse to be home with my daughter as her immune system wasn't syncing well with daycare, my job and my husband's crazy residency schedule. I turned my love of sewing and children's clothing into what is now referred to as a side-hustle. What started out as custom orders for friends and friends of friends, quickly turned into a small children's clothing line and with the birth of kiddo #2, then transitioned into the world of PDF patterns. It was a crazy ride, and I met some amazing people, learned so very much about how to run a business and watched myself struggle too often with not being able to set boundaries for myself. But overall, what a ride it was.

You see, I am using past-tense here. Because after 13 years, brownie-goose is in the past. I haven't designed a new pattern in years. I have NO clue what trends are out there in children's clothing right now. Do I still sew? Absolutely. Do I still buy too much fabric? Guilty as charged. And I always will because I love it so very much, but my days as a pattern designer are done. 

Because 13 years ago, this fiery, squishy, pink-loving girl inspired me to do what I did.

Now, that beautiful girl is still oh so fiery, but she is also grown up and choosing her own clothes and being her own person. Don't get me wrong, she still inspires me on a daily basis, but in so many other ways. And if we can all be honest here as moms, we all know between her and my son, I spend more time behind the wheel of my car driving to and fro all of the things than I do behind my sewing machine.

So, with that said, I am hanging up my hat as Mother Goose. I am so very grateful to all of you for your support, friendship, love, communication, etc. over the years. I always said I was so lucky to have the best fans, customers, clients and friends out there, and I still believe that is true. So with that, I will go out on my Lucky 13. 

I will keep my Etsy shop open through the end of October, but will be putting it on permanent vacation mode after that.

As always, happy sewing and creating.

XOXO - Amy