Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a new winner!

okay, the winner of the sadie clutch came forward, now it is time to announce the NEW ear bud winner. and let me just say how lucky you are, i got some and wore them yesterday and they are fabulous!

the new winner, thanks to is #41....Andrea who wrote, "All of her items are awesome but I LOVE that Molly bag! The one pictured above is perfection (and the shoes!) Yay for giveaways!!"

andrea - visit Molly Blossom's etsy store (link here) and send her a convo by tonight about the ear buds!

congratulations to you and thanks to everyone that played!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

winners....where are you?

okay, the previous post i announced the 2 winners for the molly blossom give-away. however, these 2 winners have not contacted molly blossom yet for their goodies. once again, the winners are:

winner of the custom ear buds is comment #9 tbl182004, who wrote, "The Molly Bag and Blossom Padded Stripey Tote are my favorites!!!! Everything is gorgeous!!!"

winner of the custom sadie is comment #54 jamie, who wrote, "Love the Molly bag. There isn't a bag out there that cute that would work for a Mom of three. LOVE!!

you have until 7 pm TONIGHT to contact Molly Blossom via her etsy store (link here), or there will be a re-draw. if you have any questions, email me @ browniegoose at hotmail dot com.

thanks REALLY don't want to miss this, trust me!