Tuesday, March 19, 2013

who's ready to go clam digging?

the brownie-goose clam diggers. funny name, awesome pair of shorts/pants. you see, that's where this can be confrusing. these are not shorts, nor are they pants. i would call them capris, but some daddys may shake their head at the thought of boy capris. so instead, let's use our imagination and go digging through some wet coastal sand (seriously, twist my arm...and a lime into my corona while you are at it) and roll up our pants legs while we are there so we don't get them dirty. and see my friends, now you have the clam diggers. :)

this is a great pattern to add to your collection for your little boys. and honestly, given the right fabrics and a girl could rock them too. with a flat front and an elastic waist back, not only are they easy to sew but they look great and are easy for kids to wear. spice them up flapped back pocket and button tab on the hem and you cannot go wrong. this pattern is available in sizes 6-12 mo, 18 mo, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 and it will be hitting my etsy store tomorrow! just in time for the weather to start warming up on us (hint, hint mr. weather....).

but wait, that's not all. once again i am teaming up with hilary of HBfabrics for a fabric coupon code with the purchase of this pattern. so, this is the perfect opportunity to grab the pattern, and then head over and do some fabric shopping. i just looked today and saw some dear stella that is dying to be some diggers, not to mention the robert kaufman metro tiles that i LOVES so much. 

so, here's the deal. buy this pattern in the first 3 days of debut (wednesday the 20 to friday the 22) and i will send you (IN A SEPARATE EMAIL) a code to use at HBfabrics for a discount. hilary gets a list of all the purchases, so please no coupon sharing. :) the coupon code will be good through sunday march 24th at midnight.

get it? got it? gooooooood.

and a special thanks as always the the fabulous ladies that help me get my patterns published. from my incredibly talented graphics girl (erin of easely erin) that makes the pattern all pretty and good for your eyes to the testers that help spot my TERRIBLE grammatical mishaps and english no-no's and make sure the pattern meshes well. this time i want to shout thanks to the testers over at the patched peacock, handmade by autumn, deisgner mumma, bella blu and katula palooza. thanks ladies!