Monday, November 8, 2010

orders are officially CLOSED for the BG Get Your Fall On '10. thanks for shopping!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

happy, happy day!

happy birthday to brownie-goose!!!

i am so organized that i have forgotten the actual date in november when BG started...but i know that 2 years ago in november a small idea blossomed in my head - and looky where we are today. holy macaroons!

what a whirl-wind of the last 2 years. never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be where i am today. so, thank you, thank you, thank you to the most awesome fans ever! couldn't do it without you! ps - a special thank you to one of my original BG customers in florida that sent me a starbucks gift card...girl, you know me all too well! yumm-o!

to celebrate...i am going to sew my tail off. :)

on another note...there are a few lottery winners that have not placed an order yet. i must have these orders by 9 pm on monday (the 8th). i will NOT be accepting any orders after that time in order for me to enjoy the holidays with family this year. thanks so much!

Monday, November 1, 2010

getting your sew on

okay girls - it is honestly nutso here at BG. the sewing room is a disaster area (i lose my Sambo, my trusty blackberry at least once a day), my house is certainly S.T. Rugglin', and the nights are getting later and later.

this is what i did this weekend.

doesn't look like much does it...but in this pile is:
2 ruffle pants
2 denim rufflers
2 lola bells
1 amelia pant
1 boys pant
1 appliqued shirt
2 jill frocks
1 adeline top
2 maggies
1 hand-embroidered charlie
1 chapman
1 windy day scarf
1 bg blossom

that was my productivity of friday and saturday. today, i finished 2 gifts for friends, and then i slacked. whoops.

but i am getting it. slowly i am working my way through all the orders and bolts and bolts of fabric are being used quicker than i know what to do.

i have a goal to be finished by - i will not share this just yet since it is kinda far-fetched, but i really, really want to have everything done by a certain date. so, from here on is go-time here at BG. i will only be answering emails as i sit down to computer. as i said, i will always check our threads before i start your order - but keep your eyes out for the paypal invoices and emails with totals and requesting checks to be put in the mail.

in the meantime - i have been getting some super-duper support from customers in emails and girls, keep it up! this is what keeps my going when it gets crazy like this!