Monday, November 1, 2010

getting your sew on

okay girls - it is honestly nutso here at BG. the sewing room is a disaster area (i lose my Sambo, my trusty blackberry at least once a day), my house is certainly S.T. Rugglin', and the nights are getting later and later.

this is what i did this weekend.

doesn't look like much does it...but in this pile is:
2 ruffle pants
2 denim rufflers
2 lola bells
1 amelia pant
1 boys pant
1 appliqued shirt
2 jill frocks
1 adeline top
2 maggies
1 hand-embroidered charlie
1 chapman
1 windy day scarf
1 bg blossom

that was my productivity of friday and saturday. today, i finished 2 gifts for friends, and then i slacked. whoops.

but i am getting it. slowly i am working my way through all the orders and bolts and bolts of fabric are being used quicker than i know what to do.

i have a goal to be finished by - i will not share this just yet since it is kinda far-fetched, but i really, really want to have everything done by a certain date. so, from here on is go-time here at BG. i will only be answering emails as i sit down to computer. as i said, i will always check our threads before i start your order - but keep your eyes out for the paypal invoices and emails with totals and requesting checks to be put in the mail.

in the meantime - i have been getting some super-duper support from customers in emails and girls, keep it up! this is what keeps my going when it gets crazy like this!

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