Sunday, October 24, 2010

to get the week started...

i know that i talk all the time about how awesome my customers are and how supportive and rocking the house all of you are - and i mean it every time.

for, it comes in times like right now in which i am so swamped and am spending every possible moment in my sewing room, dreaming about my sewing machine feet, calculating inseams in my head, dealing with the nightmares of out of print fabrics, etc. that an email like this just reminds me of why i do it all.

"Seriously....I do not know how you do it!! My absolute favorite order yet. Everything fits perfectly and I am in love with every piece. I have to say you really out did yourself with the Lola pants and Jill Frock Knot (I could have easily filled her closet with every fabric in this design!) Thank you so much and I can't wait to see what you have in store for spring! Happy sewing but take time to enjoy that adorable daughter of yours!"

i got this one on the way home from church and it made me smile. knowing that someone loves the clothes that i made her daughter makes it all worth it BUT to add in that she knows that my family is important to me as well just gives me chills. so - to the writer of this email, you know who you are, thank you a million - i needed this boost going into another crazy week.

on another note....i love matilda jane clothing. i am in awe of the amazingness of the designer and her ability to throw fabrics together, have them work and look NOTHING like anything else out of the market. i think she rocks. well, when my friend summer sent me this picture, i was honestly just speechless.

recognize this fabric? yep - there is some paint by numbers! these pants made an appearance on matilda jane's platinum line and were quickly grabbed up. to think that i picked a fabric that the designer of MJ did as well to think it looked great just makes my head spin. wowsers. once my head stopped spinning, i immediately thought, "oh my gosh - i wonder if she has more and would want to sell me yardage." haha. gotta love an out-of-print and my ability to put it on a line. ha.

so - i am leaving the computer now to get to work in my sewing room. it will be another sew-a-thon day today, tomorrow, the next day, the following, etc. thanks to all who make this happen and who support me and appreciate BG. lovey you all!

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