Wednesday, October 20, 2010

crazy town

okay is that time of year again when it is absolute CHAOS at brownie-goose. i am spending as much time as i can manage in front of my machines to get orders out in a timely fashion. therefore, i will now only be checking emails every other day or so. don't worry - i always will check all emails from the person whose order i am about to begin - and will track you down if need be. :)

my house is an absolute wreck and do not be surprised if you spot me in my pj's in the afternoon. when the sewing starts - that is what i have to stay focused on. i even thought about buying some extra pet food today at Target to feed the quickly growing furr-balls that are blowing around the house. because you know, it only takes a few seconds to put food in a bowl rather than the 20 minutes to run the vacuum. :)

so - thanks for your patience and remember - my house is not on fire - that is just the smoke coming off the machines. :)

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