Thursday, November 6, 2014

Who Wants to Buy Some BG?

Okay ladies - fun stuff ahead. And this time it isn't just limited to those that sew.

I get at least 2 emails a week asking if I sell the items that I sew. Most of you know that I no longer sew to sell (goodness knows I can hardly keep up with the small amount of sewing I do for patterns and don't even ask Byron how quickly I sew on his shirt buttons) but LOVE to recommend girls that do. I usually send those that ask to my Facebook page and tell them to look at who posts and contact them (this is why I am so crazy in telling all of you to watermark your pics!). 


What would you do if I told you that 19 uber talented designers got together and have sewed up some major goodies from BG patterns and will be putting all of these items up for sale for YOU TO BUY?

Would you have a major freakout? Because I kinda did. And I can sew, I just don't do so efficiently.

Introducing the Brownie-Goose Online Showcase. Do you hear singing in the background? You are not alone.

The Facebook page is crawling with gorgeousness and sneak peeks. And one of my favorite things is all of the designers were featured and had an "about me" section. I always love to learn a little more about the talented girls behind the beautiful clothes!

You know the girl behind BG loves a good here are just a few I grabbed from the site.

Are you excited yet? You should be. 

So, the most important part. When and where.

November 10th at 9 pm EST on the Brownie-Goose Online Showcase Page

Be there and score some awesome clothing, or be square. But don't comment on what I want to buy, I might have to pull out the claws. :) Haha, just kidding. Maybe.

For more details please check out the page and take a moment this morning, drink some good coffee and go window shopping and check out all of the awesome and amazing sneak peeks!

Peace out ladies!

xoxo - Amy