Tuesday, February 28, 2012

here ye, here ye...

okay, just a quick post for all the new faces of brownie-goose since my sweet, itty-bitty little 'business' has done sort of a boom over the last month. have i ever told you all how much you rock? for those that are new to BG, i tend to remind you often of how much you do.

because seriously, if it wasn't for all of you...there would be no BG. and you keep me rocking like no other, so rock on peeps.

anyhoo...this is the way that BG works. and bare with me as i need to update my "about me" and "how to order" and all that other jazz at the top of this page but i swanny i cannot find an extra few hours in the day lately.
  • i am the sole lady behind BG. i sometime refer to myself as the girl behind BG. if you don't know me, here is some more info on me. i tend to be a pretty far-out girl most of the time, but i am also well-known for being off my rocker as well. there are methods to my madness, but i have yet to pin-point them.
  • i am completely, shamelessly, utterly head over shoes (as Louisa calls it) in love with all things pertaining to children's clothing, design, fabric, BUTTONS, etc. it tends to consume me, but it also lets me let the crazy out.
  • i do not take custom orders. since i have added chirren #2 to the mix at my house my time is no longer mine. i cannot guarantee time in my sewing room and not having custom orders hanging over my head makes life just a little easier for me. :)
  • i sell the inventory of my collections in uploads. my latest collection is dock of the bay. it is wonderful and fabulous and i sometimes want to eat the colors and textures. if you follow me on facebook, i post any and every detail about uploads as well as on this blog. i usually will put up sizing info a few days before an upload so that you can choose wisely. all inventory uploads are done on the cartel.
  • my inventory is not crazy-abundant. once again, it is little ole 4'11" me in my sewing room in my spare time. i wish i could sew for each and every person, but after 3.5 years i have still not come up with a solution to be able to swing all of that jive.
  • i have recently started to sell the patterns that i design. this was a decision i rode the struggle bus on for a while, but once i chose to share my designs - i knew instantly it was the right one. there are some crazy-talented people out there and when i see pictures of what you awesome girls do with my patterns, i honestly smile from ear to ear and am allowed to run off the crazys for a few hours. my patterns are all in my etsy store.

now, clear as mud right? yeah.

so, basically right now what i am doing is working on the rest of the designs of dock of the bay and finishing up the grading and sizing of all patterns that i have designed for it. then, i will put my pedal to the metal as i work on inventory to get it from my lovely sewing room to your house. i have not set a date yet for the dock of the bay upload, mostly because there is SO much up in the air at my house right now. my house is on the market as i will be moving back to georgia this summer (wahoooo). at some point it will sell, and when it does...i have to pack. if it sells soon, i will have to pack all of the dock of the bay up as well and finish after packing. crazy, right? yeah, i have given up on trying to figure out what to do and am just going to let go and let happen. it is my new year's resolution after all.

after i sell all of my inventory, i will then get to work on publishing the patterns that i have designed so that you crazy-awesome-crafty girls out there can make some beauties too.

want to know more about dock of the bay? oh, why certainly.

it is awesome. it is lovely. it is muted but colorful at the same time. it is classic, it is BG and it is coming along quite nicely. for those that have been with BG for a while, you know i find inspiration for my designs in songs and music. this time was no different. most of the designs and combos came to me one night while listening to my otis redding pandora station as it was playing some of the most fabulous songs of my childhood. i was immediately no longer in my sewing room, but on Tybee with my best girlfriends soaking up the sun, drinking cold bevos and shagging on the pier (now before you think bad of me...i speak of shagging the DANCE, not the austin powers kind of shag) barefoot, sun-burnt and maybe just a little tipsy. now THAT my dears, was the most fun. the colors of the coast flooded into my mind while i let the breeze blow gauzy fabrics and textures like linens. and after a few hours of fabulous music, a pen and paper, a few dozen memories revisited and some fabric pulled out of my stash...dock of the bay was born. this little collection of goodies right here was what started it all.

does that picture make you grin as much as it does me?

how about some of these?

now, while i dive back into my sewing room with measurements in my head and designs on my mind and putting that pedal to the metal...i want you to prepare yourself mentally for DOTB. i only wish you had my sweet Savannah friends and shared the memories of leaving St. Vincent's on a half day friday, driving down the causeway while changing out of your plaid skirt and into your bathing suit to spend the next few hours with your toes in the sand and not a care in the world. man, i was a lucky, lucky girl. but since i cannot share all of those memories - i will indulge you in my most favorite movies of ALL time. it will certainly get you in the mood for dock of the bay. go find SHAG the movie, curl up on your couch and enjoy the laid back east coast beach life. i bet by the end of it...you just might be wanting to learn to shag (dance, dance, dance...shame on austin powers!) yourself. you should, it is the most fun. oh, and you may have a new crush on buzz ravenel. oooooohwie.

now, off to the sewing room i go!