Sunday, October 24, 2010

to get the week started...

i know that i talk all the time about how awesome my customers are and how supportive and rocking the house all of you are - and i mean it every time.

for, it comes in times like right now in which i am so swamped and am spending every possible moment in my sewing room, dreaming about my sewing machine feet, calculating inseams in my head, dealing with the nightmares of out of print fabrics, etc. that an email like this just reminds me of why i do it all.

"Seriously....I do not know how you do it!! My absolute favorite order yet. Everything fits perfectly and I am in love with every piece. I have to say you really out did yourself with the Lola pants and Jill Frock Knot (I could have easily filled her closet with every fabric in this design!) Thank you so much and I can't wait to see what you have in store for spring! Happy sewing but take time to enjoy that adorable daughter of yours!"

i got this one on the way home from church and it made me smile. knowing that someone loves the clothes that i made her daughter makes it all worth it BUT to add in that she knows that my family is important to me as well just gives me chills. so - to the writer of this email, you know who you are, thank you a million - i needed this boost going into another crazy week.

on another note....i love matilda jane clothing. i am in awe of the amazingness of the designer and her ability to throw fabrics together, have them work and look NOTHING like anything else out of the market. i think she rocks. well, when my friend summer sent me this picture, i was honestly just speechless.

recognize this fabric? yep - there is some paint by numbers! these pants made an appearance on matilda jane's platinum line and were quickly grabbed up. to think that i picked a fabric that the designer of MJ did as well to think it looked great just makes my head spin. wowsers. once my head stopped spinning, i immediately thought, "oh my gosh - i wonder if she has more and would want to sell me yardage." haha. gotta love an out-of-print and my ability to put it on a line. ha.

so - i am leaving the computer now to get to work in my sewing room. it will be another sew-a-thon day today, tomorrow, the next day, the following, etc. thanks to all who make this happen and who support me and appreciate BG. lovey you all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

crazy town

okay is that time of year again when it is absolute CHAOS at brownie-goose. i am spending as much time as i can manage in front of my machines to get orders out in a timely fashion. therefore, i will now only be checking emails every other day or so. don't worry - i always will check all emails from the person whose order i am about to begin - and will track you down if need be. :)

my house is an absolute wreck and do not be surprised if you spot me in my pj's in the afternoon. when the sewing starts - that is what i have to stay focused on. i even thought about buying some extra pet food today at Target to feed the quickly growing furr-balls that are blowing around the house. because you know, it only takes a few seconds to put food in a bowl rather than the 20 minutes to run the vacuum. :)

so - thanks for your patience and remember - my house is not on fire - that is just the smoke coming off the machines. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010


okay, okay....enough of the html coding for me for the week. my eyes are crossing and my head is spinning! finally got most of the fall stuff up (minus a few photos, so bear with my super-amateur photos that are up next to katie's!) and ready for ordering for those that won the lottery. all of the new stuff is located under the "BG get your fall on" tab at the top of this page. please note that the fabric paint by numbers is a first-come-first-serve basis.

please see all the info about ordering before you place an order. remember...only 4 items per "winner." this mean 4 separate articles of clothing. the accessories like the windy day scarf and the bg blossom will not count against your 4 articles.

i will be working on these orders as quickly as i can get them out. a few people have already contacted me about dates that they have set up for photography and such, so if you have a date - please include that in your email and i will TRY MY HARDEST to get your order to you in that time. however, my family comes first...and so i cannot make any guarantees. with emails, i am honest - i get slack. there is only so much of sitting down to my inbox that i can do at one time, the toddler is not very cooperative in this process. so, bear with me on that one and when my inbox gets crazy...sometimes it takes me a bit to get back to you. however, if it has been more than a few days since you FIRST contact me and you haven't heard back, please make sure i got your email. i ALWAYS check the email feeds from customers before i start on the orders, so if there is something that i feel is missing, i will contact you about that before starting. :)

thanks again for everyone's support - and check out the new tab for BG originals...something new and exciting in the works!

as always - you are the most awesome customers i could have and i appreciate everyone's understanding, patience and support! keep on rocking the house girls!

introducing...BG originals

this is something that is in the works, but i am super-duper excited about. if there is one thing that i love, it is to create with fabric. i love to come up with designs and see them work out on fabric. some of my designs are way more time-consuming and costly to "mass-produce" and put onto my seasonal lines. so, in the past i have always kept these for louisa only.

however, starting soon i will be offering these items as the come out of my sewing room auction-style. don't know all the details just yet - but this will be way exciting.

i got to try my hand at this just recently when i made this creation for a silent auction. this is the most fun for me. and, i can only hope that y'all enjoy it just as much as i do!

when will BG originals begin? i have no clue. my creative mind is a mind of its own and works on its very own schedule. i will put up information on the home page and also on facebook when i have something in the works so that everyone has fair chance at it.

thanks again to everyone for all of your amazing support for brownie-goose!