Sunday, December 5, 2010

what a ride

for those new to BG - i tend to be a number girl. at the end of every season i like to tally it all up to see what all i have done in the last few months that would explain why my house is a disaster and covered in thread and serger tails, i cannot hold normal adult conversations without slipping in an inseam measurement or two, why i am overly tired, why my electrical bill is a smidgen higher and why my poor mail-lady and UPS man curse me.

first and foremost....HOLY SHIZZLES!! what a season. BG Get Your Fall On was by far one of the most successful lines thus far. granted, i limited the amount of orders that i did...but the feedback i got and the requests and comments have seriously rocked my house out. i was glad that i limited the amount of orders, but what i failed to take into consideration was that most of the new patterns i debuted this season took a lot more time with the construction and attention to details than previous. so, while my numbers aren't as large as previous seasons...i think i might have spent more time in the sewing room. but, with that being said - i am overly proud to admit that while i tried something new this season and tried my hand at the design side as well by designing over half of my own patterns, me-thinks i did okay. designing patterns for "mass" (what i consider mass while i sit in my sewing room all by self sewing away) production is much harder than i anticipated - but i really, really enjoyed the design aspect and the way that everyone reacted to the new designs.

i am proud to say that while i would be out and about i saw tons of little kiddos rocking out the vintage look with their lola bells. the number of BG adelines that i saw (and sewed) might just be off the chart. i think ole melanie herself would be proud when she saw all the kiddo cuteness going on that was inspired by her song, "brand new key." i am actually listening to it now as i write this and it almost brings chills to my arms. is that weird? i think i hit the nail on the head for what i was going for with this line and seeing all of the positive response to it just makes me giddy. rock on BG, rock on. for the numbers. the grand total number of items sewn comes in at


and for those of you doing math in your head and thinking, wait...she only opened the lottery to 50 people and limited their orders to 4 items - you are right. but, i did a small, select focus group in the beginning to see what patterns and fabrics would be the biggest hit so i could know how to order, and then family and close friends and gifts and such. so, as i said...that really holds no candle to my previous numbers that would creep around 400-700, but there was somewhat of a balance this season so that i could actually see my family sometimes. :)

and, for the breakdown - once again, the adeline rocked the house. my best-seller for the second season in a row. to the girls over at whole grain baby that designed this pattern, you girls are ballin. (katie...i thought you might like that). but here is the breakdown:

adeline - 45
appliqued shirt - 40
ruffle pant - 31
the maggie - 27
denim ruffler - 26
the jill frock - 25
lola bells - 23
boys pant - 19
BG blossom - 19
jane dress - 17
sam skirt - 13
amelia pant - 12
windy day scarf - 6
the chapman - 6
the johnny - 5
the charlie - 5
twirly skirt - 4

phew...right - wait until you see this. the amount of fabric i went through. OFF the charts. all together i sewed my way through 360 yards of fabric. a whopping 47 of those were the lodge podge alone which made it by far the biggest request. bolts, and bolts, and bolts later - goodness!

now for what most people are probably reading season.

for those of you that don't #2 will be joining BG in february. i have NO clue what it is like to have 2 children in my care and i will honestly say i am a bit nervous. so, in order to welcome baby boy to the BG family - there will be no BG spring line. some of you may have already figured this one out, or some of you may have heard me say it. i made the decision back a few months ago but have kept it sort-of on the down-low. i know that my awesome customers totally understand and will support me in this and i am sorry to disappoint those that were eagerly anticipating more BG. i am going to take the time to be a mom and focus on my family and my new little bundle for a while.

with that said...we all know that i will not shut the sewing room doors completely. i would love to be able to incorporate a way for BG originals to kinda debut. it would be nice to have some extra spending money and an outlet for the small amount of time that i may have to dedicate to my creative side that doesn't like to stay dormant. BUT i am no way guaranteeing anything. as i said...2 kiddos is going to be a huge adjustment for me especially considering how the 3 year old i already have still doesn't sleep. eeks! i doubt i will see the outside of my house until at least may, haha. so - don't give up on BG just yet...i have a lot of fun, new things up my sleeve that i am dying to try out. keep up with me on facebook for updates, info and things of that sort.

so - as i am getting ready to spend some serious family time over the holidays and then some one-on-one time with my sweet little girl that only has 10 weeks left of being an only child i cannot even begin to express my gratitude to all of you for supporting me in this venture. BG has proven to be more than i ever imagined and it amazes me to no end. on that to maternity leave. :)

thank you, thank you, thank you!