Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Big-Girl Britches for a New Year

hello to all of my geese and happy 2015! 

as i took the last few weeks off from work, i had a lot of things to ponder. i will be completely honest and tell you quitting BG was one of the items i pondered. as some of my friends in the sewing world know, this isn't the first and probably won't be the last time i ponder this thought. it happens. for those that own their own business, you know what i mean. burn out is real. and rough. and when there is no real "clocking out" going on, a business can run you into the ground. i made myself lists of pros and cons because i am very old-school like that. some days the pros for quitting out-weighed the cons and vice-versa, and some days my emotions swayed me one way versus the other. but in the end, here i am. back at it. because between you and me, i love it. but with some perspective in mind. 

perspective that went a little something like this: 
  • life is too short and too sweet to stress. 
  • life is too short and too sweet to worry. 
  • life is too short and too sweet to dwell on negativity. 
and more than anything, 
  • life is too short and too sweet to spend too much time on a business where come tax time you realize you are almost paying the government to work.

there, i said it. in all honestly, taxes kill me with BG. take an unfortunate tax bracket, add in self-employment taxes and BAM. there goes all the money. wasn't that fun? 


so, with all of this said - i need to scale back just a bit. which is quite silly considering i am a very small fry to begin with. but the magic word in that sentence was "I." as in I need to scale back. need to find a better balance. I need to make better use of my time. so, this is all about me. and finding a good balance of work time vs. family time vs. me (and my labrador) time. i am quite positive and think this can be done. i just have to set limits.

so, i am really going to try and focus on limiting my business hours to when my kids are in school. i also need to never again try to publish a new pattern around the holidays. OR have a major deadline in the summer when my kiddos are home with me. see, baby steps y'all. 

what does this mean for you? nothing much really - other than my presence online or emails may be limited to mornings, some evenings and not much in the afternoons. we can do this, right? i mean, we all know how shady i am to start with. :)

with all of this said - on a FUN note, i made myself a list of things so i can try and stay focused and organized and all that fun jive in 2015. and this list includes some really fun sew alongs, collaborations, tutorials, pattern revamps, and a few new patterns - which may or may not all make it.  depending on time. 

so, who's up for a really fun 2015? here's to a happy new year full of BG, organization, staying focused and getting our sew on!!

is there anything you are dying to see?

xoxo - amy