Friday, April 20, 2012

blaze of glory

OH MY WORD. you girls seriously kicked some booty in the dock of the bay department this week. today, when i pulled up my products page of big cartel to see that everything listed said "SOLD OUT," i cried. i am not an overly emotional person (unless i am pregnant...those hormones are strong - and PS i am NOT preggo) but this morning, i just sat at my computer and bawled. and then i realized how silly i looked. WHY was i crying? i did my best to blot my tears (since i had JUST self-tanned and i certainly don't need stripes on my face, no matter how much i love stripes) and figure out why i was crying.

this is what i came up with. mostly because i am exhausted. i totally miscalculated the amount of time i would need to get everything done for the uploads. i have literally BUSTED it in these last 2 weeks and i have about 3-4 more days of busting still ahead of me. so yes, i am tired and probably delirious. i also realized i was absolutely amazed at how everything went so quickly. take the sadie today...i honestly thought i would have a ton of sadies laying around that i would have to get rid of after the uploads. i didn't think people liked them like i did, and BOY was i wrong. those flew out of the shop like a flock of geese. this humbles me to no end. i've said it before and will probably say it again and again, it brings such joy to me to know that the things that i piddle with in my sewing room, that the things that keep me up at night, those things i get so excited over, and those things i pour every ounce of passion and heart and soul that i have into are so well received by the most amazing group of customers and supporters i can ever imagine. i honestly cannot put it into words how it makes me feel, but while i was grasping for the words i realized that more than anything...the reason behind my tears was none other than PRIDE. brownie-goose is a huge accomplishment for me. and to see those words "sold out" on my computer screen made me realize, i can finally pat myself on the back. it was then okay to cry, and so i did. those tears of joy took me straight over to cloud 9 (and creepy streaky-faceville, but whatevs).

so this is when the title of blaze of glory comes in...

this is when BG is supposed to go big. this is when i am supposed to schedule trunk shows and hire keepers and put BG into more hands then before. this is when i am supposed to hire help so that i can keep up with the demand for BG. this is when i am supposed to sign contracts with the boutiques that have asked about wholesale. this is when BG is supposed to rock the house.

but, for those of you that know know good and well i march to the beat of my very own drum. and that drum is telling me once again, that is NOT my BG. in fact, my drum is beating the tune of an old fave, the lovin' spoonfull's what a day for a daydream. these lyrics in particular sum it all up...

And even if time ain’t really on my side
It’s one of those days for takin' a walk outside
I’m blowin’ the day to take a walk in the sun

and on that note...BG is taking a break to take a walk outside. blowing the day to take a walk in the sun. i have no plans for a fall line. i have no plans for a spring line. i simply have NO plans.

well, that's not completely true, but it fit for the cheekiness. i do have some new patterns to publish. and let's all be honest - designing to me is like running, i NEED it. it helps me to keep the crazys at bay. so, while i am not going to disappear off the face of the earth, i am going to take a few steps back and take it easy for a while.

you see...i've been going 90 to nothing since 2008. in the next month i will move back to georgia. i have a new house to decorate (and renovate, but that is a whole other story), a town to learn again (as i am sure athens wont be the same place it was to me as a wild & crazy college student), a new life to start...and MOST importantly, i have a little girl that starts kindergarten in the fall. i want to spend every last minute with her. and i cannot forget about that sweet baby nash. i want to play outside, i want to garden, i want to cook, i want to learn to bake, etc. i have a lot that i want to start doing again...and now is the time.

i will still be making pieces to sell, just not in the masses. i will still be designing patterns when i have the chance. i will still be sewing, but for the first time in almost 4 years...BG will no longer be my priority. that's why i think of it as going out in a blaze of glory. if it all went away tomorrow - i couldn't say i have a single regret. :)

phew. and now it's public. i made that decision a few months back. i've toyed with the idea for so long, and when i finally made up my mind and saw how relieved i was, i knew it was the right decision. but, i've been nervous about telling everyone, i am not exactly sure why...but needless to say...nervous.

so, in a nutshell -

YES there are new BG patterns to come!

YES i will still be sewing and designing!

NO i will not have a fall line.

NO i will not have a spring line.

YES i will keep blogging and sharing on FB.

and most importantly...

YES, i couldn't have made it here without you.

the best customers a girl could have. more loyal than i could have ever hoped for. more supportive than i ever imagined. and hopefully, more understanding than i fear.

now, for those of you that rocked out my cartel this week - i will be starting to go through invoices, refund extra shippings, inquire about shipping info and send out info about local pick-up this weekend. keep an eye on your email. :) ALL goodies will go out by next friday, if not before...and all goodies will be ready for pick-up by next friday, if not before.

and again, i cannot say it enough.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...from the very bottom of my heart. i love you all. cross my heart.

amy (the girl behind BG)

DOTB: friday upload

last, but not least...whoop, whoop! you girls have TORN up this dock of the bay upload like it is your business. nice work!

okay, today up for grabs is the allie oop dress and the sadie.

the allie oop is a sweet little dress with a curved yoke, keyhole opening and button tabs that flap over on the back. she was a LOT of work to draft and construct, but i love, love, love how feminine she is. i cannot hardly even stand those green buttons on the back! the sweetness of this dress just is out of control.

then you come to sadie...and speaking of out of control. haha. color-blocking the BG way. blues, whites, yellows and BRIGHT pops of red make this little number a big hit. i had originally planned on her as a top. HOWEVER, on the day i was putting it on lou to take pictures, she was acting silly and when taking it off said, "mommy, look...i'd rather wear it as a skirt." brilliance, dear louisa! so, make this sadie right up your little one's alley - skirt or shirt, depends on the mood. it has an elastic back so there is plenty of room to grow. i played around with the straps trying to make them detachable, etc. for when worn as a skirt - but to be completely honest...the BEST and easiest way i found for it to work without lou complaining about something itching her or poking her was grabbing a good, old-fashioned safety pin and pinning those jokers down. keeping it simple, :).

now, here is sizing info on these beauts:

remember, TODAY is the day. today, is the LAST day! be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the allie oop and the sadie. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian & UK ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested! also, don't forget the code SHIPFREE if you are local or have already snagged something this week and would like to combine shipping!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

and for everyone that has ordered already this week - thank you a bazillion goondocks! you are all super awesome and i will be sitting down to sort all invoices this weekend, refund extra shipping, confirm shipping addys and all that fun stuff!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DOTB: thursday upload

as i said on facebook this morning, you ladies are QUICK. i almost giggled when i saw 3-4 weeks worth of work gone in 4 minutes. you sure know how to make the girl behind BG smile! love to each and every one of you!!

now on to tomorrow's upload...which just might be what most of you have been waiting for...that blue tilly and those gorgeous linen lily capris!

i totally didn't think it through when naming these two that they would be all cutesy-rhymey-rhymey. my bad. but, their whimsical take on names surely doesn't take away from the beauty of these two pieces. simplicity at its best...but a jaw-dropper still.

the blue tilly is summertime simplicity at its best. each and every yard was hand tea-dyed by me to get this gorgeous color to match her personality just so...simple, yet sophisticated. a square neck top with a gathered skirt made out of the softest cotton crinkle you can imagine. and just because it is BG, a breath-taking blue button topping off the open back. (we can once again thank michele of Little Red Cottage and her dyeing genius for this one) this button is merely there for looks as the back is sewn together (the neck allows plenty of room to slip over the head). please note - this top was tea-dyed, not commercially dyed so there are variations in the color...something i was intentionally going for. :)

paired with a personal fave of mine...the linen lilys. this linen capri will steal your heart away. the sides are detailed with a second curved ruffle of linen topped with a lace (that the tilly was dyed to match) and finished with 2 (the 12-18 month lilys only have 1 button) cream buttons just to give that extra little bit of swoon-factor. plus, i am slightly obsessed with buttons. this is a summertime MUST have. promise.

here is all the sizing information for the two.

remember, tomorrow is the day. be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the blue tilly and the linen lilys. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian & UK ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested! also, don't forget the code SHIPFREE if you are local or have already snagged something this week and would like to combine shipping!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DOTB: wednesday upload

here we go again...yall ready?

wednesday's upload hold some goodies. seriously, folks. the blondie and summer sailors are on the blocks tomorrow.

the summer sailors are actually the first design i came up with for dock of the bay. i knew i wanted my fave chambray converted into a preppy little short that would go with just about anything you threw her way. i searched high and low to find those sweet little wooden toggles that grace the sides of these shorts - and so glad i did...for i think this little play on a dock cleat MAKES the summer sailors what they are! these chambray shorts feature a flat front with an elastic back. there is a faux pocket on the front flanked by pearly white buttons that couldn't scream a sailor pant more if they tried. the preppy cuff on the bottom is held in place by a tab and that sweet, sweet toggle. these aren't your average pair of denim shorts.

and then the blondie...i don't know if it gets sweeter or more summery than this little circle-yoked top. yellows, greens and a splash of red make this top tempt to brighten even your darkest day. finished off in the back with a peep opening and a seersucker button (because it just wouldn't be summer in the south without seersucker), the blondie grew on me faster than i ever imagined she would. i was almost defeated by her many times while drafting in the sewing room, but i finally came to terms with those fabulous curves of that neckline that just define her!

here is all of the sizing info you will need for these two goodies:

remember, tomorrow is the day. be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the the summer sailors and the blondie. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian & UK ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested! also, don't forget the code SHIPFREE if you are local or have already snagged something this week and would like to combine shipping!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

Monday, April 16, 2012

DOTB: tuesday upload

holy moly mother of oh my girls are FAST. today's inventory was gone in a matter of minutes. have i told you before you rock?

as i said before in this blog (that you should totally read if you are just now joining in the fun, it has ALL the details, rules, etc) i am holding all orders until the end of the upload. so, i will be printing invoices as the week goes and contacting everyone sporadically to make sure shipping addys are correct and all that fun jive. if you placed an order today, and order more this week - make sure to enter SHIPFREE at checkout so i can combine shipping.

now, for tuesday's upload. it is YUMMY. tomorrow at 10 am CST the cartel is featuring the pink lemonade dress, the dusty blue clam diggers and one of my personal faves, the lake dress.

the pink lemonade dress screams summertime in the lowcountry to me. it is made of the sweetest blue and white floral print featuring angel sleeves that just might take your breath away. i know they did mine. the bodice of the dress sports an almost geometrical design finished off with some italian linen, mother of pearl and CORAL buttons. because if there is something i almost cannot stand how excited i get about is buttons...make them coral (thank you brilliant michele at Little Red Cottage) and i just die. sweet, sweet summertime!

and while i am dwelling in the salty breeze of the lowcountry - let's visit those dusty blue clam diggers. quite possibly one of my fave creations for the boys ever. i love everything about them. their length (they are almost like a capri length, but when you call them clam diggers they sound way cooler than a boy's capri) is so fun and add some of that fabulous italian linen topped with a bright red button and you can almost smell the coastal breeze thanks to the colors. and then i took one of my fave joel dewberry print's and put a flap pocket on the back of these flat front diggers. perfection.

speaking of perfection, my baby...the lake dress. this dress was originally going to be a one of a kind that i made for a photo shoot with the lovely katie of mary moment photography. but, i fell so in love with everything about the dress i knew i had to share. this dress is made of a grey slub linen that is just about gorgeous. it has a collared neckline and sweet little lace flutters on the sleeves. tucked into that neckline is a pleat that almost hides 3 little mother of pearl buttons. thankfully, they aren't too hidden...just neatly tucked in place. pun intended.

here is sizing info about these 3 lovelies.

remember, tomorrow is the day. be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the pink lemonade dress, dusty blue clam diggers and the lake dress. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

Sunday, April 15, 2012

DOTB: monday upload

okay - who is ready to get this upload going? eeeeeeeeeks!

tomorrow on the cartel is the lazy susan top and the linen darbys.

the lazy susan is the sweetest little flutter sleeve top you might ever see. made out of a vintage-looking floral fabric that combines creams, purples, aquas and mustard yellows. absolutely divine. she has a classic boat neck, gathered skirt and is finished off with a purple button on the back, just since you know i have a hard time seeing anything leave my sewing room without a button. this season i have her paired with her BFF, the darby in linen. this short is my ever-popular, best-selling bubble shorts pattern with a of the most gorgeous brown slub linens you can find. slap on some gathered pockets on the side trimmed in lace, and you will be hard pressed to find another pair of linen shorts that go with just about everything in that little girl's closet.

here is the low-down on sizing for the two. ps - the length on the lazy susan is total length.

remember, tomorrow is the day. be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the lazy susan and linen darbys. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

ps - word on the street is that big cartel is having issues letting account owners delete products, therefore i have not been able to delete any of the daydream believer from the site. i PROMISE there is no trickery - the ONLY items uploading tomorrow are the lazy susan and linen darbys. thanks!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

dock of the bay upload week

sittin' in the morning sun
i'll be sittin' when the evening comes...

have you been singing this tune as much as i have lately?

if so, then you are just as ready for some uploads for dock of the bay as i am. i have been busting it, busting it, busting it lately to get all of these goodies ready to put up inventory and ship to your home to put on your little cuties.

confession...just like anything else i assembly-line, i started to grow weary of DOTB. i was over linen and its 4-way give, over all the details that i fall so madly in love with and then begin to question my sanity as i repeat them over and over again, and i seriously thought if i hand-gathered one more time i might poke my eyeball with my trusty hemostats.

and then, my dears...the magic happened. i got up one day, put on some shagging music (now, don't go being all gutter-minded...remember, not austin powers here), took off my grumpy pants and started to put dock of the bay ON my sweet, little towheaded model who isn't obliging much these days. and it happened.


i remembered at that moment WHY i loved dock of the bay so much. as i watched my sassafras don all of the gorgeous slub linens that i had just cussed days before, beautiful blues with hints of red and coral, chambray and a gauzey cotton that blew in the wind better than i could have ever asked for when hand-dyeing every.last.bit of 16 hit me. it took my breath away and i could almost smell that beautiful salt water marsh. i could almost hear the tybee waves and i swanny i could have tasted a cold bevo. well, that last part was probably not just a figment of my imagination, but all in all...i was speechless.

i did it. again. i took my own breath away. i was head over heels in love with dock of the bay. just a few days before i was swearing and throwing tantrums and quitting it all time and again. but, here i was now...shamelessly in love.

i really wondered after knocking my own socks off with daydream believer if i could ever top the gorgeous retro feel, designs and colors of the collection. i was worried that dock of the bay (and anything else that followed suit) wouldn't stand a chance. and you know what, honestly...dock of the bay doesn't top daydream, it stands right beside it up on my high horse. the two collections couldn't be more different if they tried, but yet...they are ME. they are BG to a tee and i loves them!

okay, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. what you are all really here for is upload information. so, here goes.

all inventory will be uploaded to my big cartel store. if you haven't already bookmarked it, go for it now.

this is where the magic happens. if you go right now, i think it still has all of the daydream believer up, and in the next few days i will be working on it for DOTB inventory. everyday next week i will upload new pieces at 10 am CST. inventory is first-come, first-serve and when it is is gone. there will not be another upload for DOTB. here is the schedule.

monday april 16th at 10 CST - darby in linen and the lazy susan will upload

tuesday april 17th at 10 CST - the pink lemonade dress, dusty blue clam diggers and the lake dress will upload

wednesday april 18th at 10 CST - the blondie and summer sailors will upload

thursday april 19th at 10 CST
- the linen lilys and blue tilly will upload

friday april 20th at 10 CST - the allie oop and sadie will upload

here are just a few rules and regulations. haha. now doesn't that sound serious?
  • i will post a new blog with all of the sizing info regarding the pieces to be uploaded a day in advance.
  • i will hold all orders until the upload is finished.
  • orders will be shipped or ready for pick-up (if you are in the jackson, ms area) by that following friday, april the 27th.
  • please use the coupon code SHIPFREE at checkout if you are local OR if you have placed an order earlier in the week and place another later in the week. i will combine shipping.
  • once you place an item in your big cartel cart, it will stay there for 30 minutes. if you have not checked out in 30 minutes, it will drop. i do not have ANY control over the inventory once i have it live. in fact, i cannot tell what is in carts and what has sold until the smoke has cleared.

please, if there are any questions email me at browniegoose(at)hotmail(dot)com. i check my facebook page as well, but this new timeline thing really throws me for a loop!

and now...for the fun part. all of the photos!

the pink lemonade dress

the sadie (she works as a top and a skirt) and the dusty blue clam diggers

the blue tilly and linen lilys (i totally should have thought about those names first before being all rhymey-rhymey)

the lazy susan and darby in linen

the lake dress (be STILL my heart, remember...this is the dress that graced the cover of South Magazine :) )

the blondie and summer sailors

the allie oop

phew, man...i could cry just looking at them again. designing a collection does some serious damage to my sanity. but man oh man, the finished product just reminds me that there is a method to my madness!

now, after all the smoke settles from the upload and all orders are shipped, i will start work on all of the patterns that will be available from this line. these are the ones i plan to publish:

  • lazy susan
  • lemonade dress
  • clam diggers
  • lake dress
  • blondie
  • summer sailors
  • lily capri
  • allie oop dress
  • tilly top
  • sadie

as you can see...i have my work cut out for me. pun intended. hehe. not to mention a move to georgia! so, stay tuned on facebook for info about patterns and publish dates. and just to throw in a little fun, i have some extra DOTB fabric inventory that i will be de-stashing as well. so, hopefully this time no mad dashes for seriously out of print joels. :)

peace out for the night - will be back this weekend with sizing info and details for the darby in linen and lazy susan!

and as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you wonderful ladies (and gentlemen, my sweet husband can probably attest to designing messing with my sanity) that stand behind me and BG tall and proud. you are why i do what i do, and you are why i have been able to continue. i thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart! never knew a girl and a sewing machine could be so lucky to have an amazing support team. :)