Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DOTB: thursday upload

as i said on facebook this morning, you ladies are QUICK. i almost giggled when i saw 3-4 weeks worth of work gone in 4 minutes. you sure know how to make the girl behind BG smile! love to each and every one of you!!

now on to tomorrow's upload...which just might be what most of you have been waiting for...that blue tilly and those gorgeous linen lily capris!

i totally didn't think it through when naming these two that they would be all cutesy-rhymey-rhymey. my bad. but, their whimsical take on names surely doesn't take away from the beauty of these two pieces. simplicity at its best...but a jaw-dropper still.

the blue tilly is summertime simplicity at its best. each and every yard was hand tea-dyed by me to get this gorgeous color to match her personality just so...simple, yet sophisticated. a square neck top with a gathered skirt made out of the softest cotton crinkle you can imagine. and just because it is BG, a breath-taking blue button topping off the open back. (we can once again thank michele of Little Red Cottage and her dyeing genius for this one) this button is merely there for looks as the back is sewn together (the neck allows plenty of room to slip over the head). please note - this top was tea-dyed, not commercially dyed so there are variations in the color...something i was intentionally going for. :)

paired with a personal fave of mine...the linen lilys. this linen capri will steal your heart away. the sides are detailed with a second curved ruffle of linen topped with a lace (that the tilly was dyed to match) and finished with 2 (the 12-18 month lilys only have 1 button) cream buttons just to give that extra little bit of swoon-factor. plus, i am slightly obsessed with buttons. this is a summertime MUST have. promise.

here is all the sizing information for the two.

remember, tomorrow is the day. be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the blue tilly and the linen lilys. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian & UK ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested! also, don't forget the code SHIPFREE if you are local or have already snagged something this week and would like to combine shipping!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

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heathermum said...

OH MY GRAVY! I LOVE THESE linen pants!!! <3~~~