Friday, April 20, 2012

blaze of glory

OH MY WORD. you girls seriously kicked some booty in the dock of the bay department this week. today, when i pulled up my products page of big cartel to see that everything listed said "SOLD OUT," i cried. i am not an overly emotional person (unless i am pregnant...those hormones are strong - and PS i am NOT preggo) but this morning, i just sat at my computer and bawled. and then i realized how silly i looked. WHY was i crying? i did my best to blot my tears (since i had JUST self-tanned and i certainly don't need stripes on my face, no matter how much i love stripes) and figure out why i was crying.

this is what i came up with. mostly because i am exhausted. i totally miscalculated the amount of time i would need to get everything done for the uploads. i have literally BUSTED it in these last 2 weeks and i have about 3-4 more days of busting still ahead of me. so yes, i am tired and probably delirious. i also realized i was absolutely amazed at how everything went so quickly. take the sadie today...i honestly thought i would have a ton of sadies laying around that i would have to get rid of after the uploads. i didn't think people liked them like i did, and BOY was i wrong. those flew out of the shop like a flock of geese. this humbles me to no end. i've said it before and will probably say it again and again, it brings such joy to me to know that the things that i piddle with in my sewing room, that the things that keep me up at night, those things i get so excited over, and those things i pour every ounce of passion and heart and soul that i have into are so well received by the most amazing group of customers and supporters i can ever imagine. i honestly cannot put it into words how it makes me feel, but while i was grasping for the words i realized that more than anything...the reason behind my tears was none other than PRIDE. brownie-goose is a huge accomplishment for me. and to see those words "sold out" on my computer screen made me realize, i can finally pat myself on the back. it was then okay to cry, and so i did. those tears of joy took me straight over to cloud 9 (and creepy streaky-faceville, but whatevs).

so this is when the title of blaze of glory comes in...

this is when BG is supposed to go big. this is when i am supposed to schedule trunk shows and hire keepers and put BG into more hands then before. this is when i am supposed to hire help so that i can keep up with the demand for BG. this is when i am supposed to sign contracts with the boutiques that have asked about wholesale. this is when BG is supposed to rock the house.

but, for those of you that know know good and well i march to the beat of my very own drum. and that drum is telling me once again, that is NOT my BG. in fact, my drum is beating the tune of an old fave, the lovin' spoonfull's what a day for a daydream. these lyrics in particular sum it all up...

And even if time ain’t really on my side
It’s one of those days for takin' a walk outside
I’m blowin’ the day to take a walk in the sun

and on that note...BG is taking a break to take a walk outside. blowing the day to take a walk in the sun. i have no plans for a fall line. i have no plans for a spring line. i simply have NO plans.

well, that's not completely true, but it fit for the cheekiness. i do have some new patterns to publish. and let's all be honest - designing to me is like running, i NEED it. it helps me to keep the crazys at bay. so, while i am not going to disappear off the face of the earth, i am going to take a few steps back and take it easy for a while.

you see...i've been going 90 to nothing since 2008. in the next month i will move back to georgia. i have a new house to decorate (and renovate, but that is a whole other story), a town to learn again (as i am sure athens wont be the same place it was to me as a wild & crazy college student), a new life to start...and MOST importantly, i have a little girl that starts kindergarten in the fall. i want to spend every last minute with her. and i cannot forget about that sweet baby nash. i want to play outside, i want to garden, i want to cook, i want to learn to bake, etc. i have a lot that i want to start doing again...and now is the time.

i will still be making pieces to sell, just not in the masses. i will still be designing patterns when i have the chance. i will still be sewing, but for the first time in almost 4 years...BG will no longer be my priority. that's why i think of it as going out in a blaze of glory. if it all went away tomorrow - i couldn't say i have a single regret. :)

phew. and now it's public. i made that decision a few months back. i've toyed with the idea for so long, and when i finally made up my mind and saw how relieved i was, i knew it was the right decision. but, i've been nervous about telling everyone, i am not exactly sure why...but needless to say...nervous.

so, in a nutshell -

YES there are new BG patterns to come!

YES i will still be sewing and designing!

NO i will not have a fall line.

NO i will not have a spring line.

YES i will keep blogging and sharing on FB.

and most importantly...

YES, i couldn't have made it here without you.

the best customers a girl could have. more loyal than i could have ever hoped for. more supportive than i ever imagined. and hopefully, more understanding than i fear.

now, for those of you that rocked out my cartel this week - i will be starting to go through invoices, refund extra shippings, inquire about shipping info and send out info about local pick-up this weekend. keep an eye on your email. :) ALL goodies will go out by next friday, if not before...and all goodies will be ready for pick-up by next friday, if not before.

and again, i cannot say it enough.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...from the very bottom of my heart. i love you all. cross my heart.

amy (the girl behind BG)


The Trustys said...

While sad to think of not siting in great anticipation of your new lines, I applaud you for taking a break. You deserve it and so rarely do people have the opportunity to do it. Mississippi will miss you dearly, and I wish you THE best of luck in that other great southern state over there :)

Cricket said...

Gosh you made me cry!!! You have become some a FAVORITE of mine! I own almost all of your patterns and can't wait for more....I think I love your designs because you are a true Southern girl at heart and it shows in all of your patterns and clothing!!! I applaud you for making a decision that is for you and not everyone around you! :) Enjoy life!!! (just don't forget the patterns haha!)

cwilson.rn said...

Amen! Put those kiddos and their school first :) That's why I work weekends only (part-time, ha)! I don't want to miss anything. Family is the most important. That being said, you are an AHHHMAZING designer and when or if you decide to make a come-back, you won't have a minute's problem! Enjoy your new Georgia life with your beautiful family! You deserve it! And we all <3 BG!

Candi Wilson

Kosek Landing said...

Now, I'm sitting here at my computer crying. Not because I missed every single masterpiece that you posted...but because I'm so proud of you and so proud of your decision to relax a bit! You deserve it!

Good luck with your move and all that life brings for you and your adorable family!