Monday, April 16, 2012

DOTB: tuesday upload

holy moly mother of oh my girls are FAST. today's inventory was gone in a matter of minutes. have i told you before you rock?

as i said before in this blog (that you should totally read if you are just now joining in the fun, it has ALL the details, rules, etc) i am holding all orders until the end of the upload. so, i will be printing invoices as the week goes and contacting everyone sporadically to make sure shipping addys are correct and all that fun jive. if you placed an order today, and order more this week - make sure to enter SHIPFREE at checkout so i can combine shipping.

now, for tuesday's upload. it is YUMMY. tomorrow at 10 am CST the cartel is featuring the pink lemonade dress, the dusty blue clam diggers and one of my personal faves, the lake dress.

the pink lemonade dress screams summertime in the lowcountry to me. it is made of the sweetest blue and white floral print featuring angel sleeves that just might take your breath away. i know they did mine. the bodice of the dress sports an almost geometrical design finished off with some italian linen, mother of pearl and CORAL buttons. because if there is something i almost cannot stand how excited i get about is buttons...make them coral (thank you brilliant michele at Little Red Cottage) and i just die. sweet, sweet summertime!

and while i am dwelling in the salty breeze of the lowcountry - let's visit those dusty blue clam diggers. quite possibly one of my fave creations for the boys ever. i love everything about them. their length (they are almost like a capri length, but when you call them clam diggers they sound way cooler than a boy's capri) is so fun and add some of that fabulous italian linen topped with a bright red button and you can almost smell the coastal breeze thanks to the colors. and then i took one of my fave joel dewberry print's and put a flap pocket on the back of these flat front diggers. perfection.

speaking of perfection, my baby...the lake dress. this dress was originally going to be a one of a kind that i made for a photo shoot with the lovely katie of mary moment photography. but, i fell so in love with everything about the dress i knew i had to share. this dress is made of a grey slub linen that is just about gorgeous. it has a collared neckline and sweet little lace flutters on the sleeves. tucked into that neckline is a pleat that almost hides 3 little mother of pearl buttons. thankfully, they aren't too hidden...just neatly tucked in place. pun intended.

here is sizing info about these 3 lovelies.

remember, tomorrow is the day. be there at the cartel at 10 am CST for your chance at the pink lemonade dress, dusty blue clam diggers and the lake dress. in case you are just tuning in, read this blog for all of the upload details. UPDATE: i am now offering shipping to all you fabulous australian ladies too! thanks for asking and being interested!

there is a time and a place for everything...and it is this week at 10 am CST at

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