Thursday, March 8, 2012

take my breath away miss taylor!

okay, by now some of you may know that i tend to be a little dramatic when it comes to things like colors and textures and buttons and cuts, etc. love me or leave me. :)

well, is NO different. holy macaroni. do you see this sweetness?

this pattern my dears, is the taylor by the mean princess. meagan is the brilliance behind TMP. she has quickly become one of my dearest sewing buds for many reasons. for one, i am not completely convinced that we weren't separated at birth. it is crazy how our brains think the same. it is like she has half (maybe she has the one that actually functions??) and i have half. weird, right? we too often are right along the same wavelength that it is scary. AND she just so happens to share my sailor seamstress tongue. she 'gets' me, and that is pretty darn rad.

besides all of that...this girl is crazy talented. she just recently started to publish some of her patterns and the taylor is in her etsy shop right now. when she first showed me the design i am sure that people a few countries away probably heard my jaw hit the floor. i am caaaaaaaarazy about a boat neck, and for those of you that may have tried to draft one before, they are not easy my dears. but meagan nailed it. add in those sweet little sleeves and i just die. love it.

today i had to take a little breather from dock of the bay before i turned into otis redding himself (hehe) and i've been busting at the seams (yep, pun intended) to make this taylor. so i turned to my fabric bookcase and found the scrap of coral linen that i saved just because. (you see, this is just another example of why it is a collection, and not hoarding) and then i dug around and found enough of the navy and white stripe knit (this knit is NOT a friend of mine. we do NOT place nice together...but damn if it doesn't make the dress) to make the top. and i got to work. and this is where i got...

i just love it. coral and navy with some turquoise buttons on the sleeves with an apple green button (you know these all came from my fabulous button lady michele at little red cottage, she feeds my addiction) for the back and i just fell out of my sewing chair. notice i did NOT admit to falling out of my rocker. maybe tomorrow. :)

this pattern is way easy. you girls have GOT this and you so need this in your stash. i didn't attach the top to the skirt (i made the top longer so it is like a shirt) only because my dear, sweet, precocious little fireball informed me she promised to wear it if it was a skirt. we shall see...

go grab you a taylor, and tell meagan her other brain said hello.

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Melody said...

Love this pattern!