Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ohh....Pick me, Pick me!

Who doesn’t like to win things? Not I. I love to enter blog giveaways. I am not neurotic about it (imagine that, ONE thing that I am not neurotic about) but when I come upon one I do like to enter. Especially the ones that give away fabric. I have never won, which is sad, but it is still fun to think of wining.

Speaking of wining, I know of a blog that has a fantastic give-away coming up. It is sort of a contest for those of you out there that are a bit more competitive. It is the Dear Mama Contest being hosted by Moms Are Human. This mommy blogger is a great girl (we went to high school together.) She is a real girl and has real stories and real pictures and things that are important in everyday life as a mom. She has entries that will speak to you as a mom, and most of these topics are not ones that you will find on other blogs. She talks about the down and dirty side of being a mom. She even bared her post-partum mid-section for all to see. Have you read her blog yet? If not, you should. Especially read about the Dear Mama contest that she has going. Brownie-goose has some mighty-fine appliquéd kitchen towels in the give-away that are just about to wet their pants to be in your kitchen. Oh, and a $150 Target gift card. If you are anything like me….I could live in Target. I love that place. She also has a signed copy of a Paula Deen cookbook, don’t know about you but I am a huge Paula fan. So, got you interested yet? Get on over there, read about the contest and open up your word document and get started!

Just a peek of the hand towels that need to be on the handle of your oven...

So, get on over to Moms Are Human and read up on this contest. Hey, by the time you are done you just might have a new blog to stalk. Gotta love that! At least, I do. :)

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Elizabeth said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the shout-out, brownie-goose! :) And thanks for the gorgeous-precious-so-cute-I-might-EAT-them towels!