Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 days to help the strays

okay, this will be a post that may be a bit out there, but it is about something very important to me, and to brownie-goose.

there are a few things in life which i am very passionate about. some of these things are quite controversial, and while opinionated, i tend to keep quiet as to avoid the drama that soon follows. goodness knows i have enough drama in my life with my toddler. i think the thing that i am most passionate about, and thankfully i don't think is very controversial, is animals. i am a huge animal lover. they have my heart. i cannot even stand to think of one in pain or sad or anything to that extent. i originally wanted to be a veterinarian, until i realized that i would have my heart broken every day. my dad is a big animal lover as well, so i think i got it honestly. nothing melts my heart quite like a wagging tail or a wet kiss or a big dog snuggled up with me on the couch. although i realize i treat my animals like children and some people don't agree with that, it is fine. if we all agreed, the world would be a very dull place. i love them. and it breaks my heart into a million pieces when i think of all the animals out there that do not have homes, or the ones that are in abusive homes. cannot think about it without crying. i wish that i could open my home to them all, but i know that husband would probably leave me if that happened. i have, however, converted him from a person that has outside pets to one that enjoys them indoors which makes my life WAY easier. :)

where am i going with this? for those that read my personal blog you know that i tend to be all over the place. today marks the beginning of lent. while i will refrain from going into the details to avoid offending those that may not be christian (like i said, we all make the world go 'round) i will just say that i remember learning in a religion class in high school (yes, mrs. urbine....i did pay attention every now and then) that lent was not only about giving something up for 40 days, but resisting temptation and working to be a better person. She also taught us to take the "rules" loosely and to apply them to our lives in a way that we saw fit. Basically, lent is what you make it. i remember girls from school that would give things up like candy or cokes, etc. but there were also girls that stood out to me when they didn't necessarily "give" things up, but in a way gave themselves in a way to help others. i always thought this was huge, and i secretly wanted to be just like them. the other night as i lay on the couch sick as a dog, i realized this was my chance to be like those girls. so, this year for lent, brownie-goose will be "giving" itself to something i am very passionate about. for the next 40 days, i will be giving a percentage of each article of clothing that i make to help the animals out there that do not have homes. at the end of the 40 days, brownie-goose will be making a contribution to CARA, one of the no-kill shelters here in Jackson. I am really excited, as i have been wanting to figure out a way to give to them since i started BG. this just seemed right to me. and, since brownie-goose is named after my 2 sweet labs, i can think of no better way. :)

while i am not opening orders right now, i have plenty to keep me busy for the next 40 days. if i run out, never fear....i will open back up.

just wanted to share with everyone what we've got going on over here. now, back to the machines....i know some sweet 4-legged babies that need some help.


The Fab Five said...

and since i'm not

Kosek Landing said...

Great idea!

Nora said...

Yay Amy!!! It is people like you that make my job finding all the precious homeless babies I come in contact with wonderful homes and that they get to go fully vetted (as we say in the animal adoption world)! Getting to come home to this just makes me smile...especially after getting our sweet chocolate lab/pointer mix Daisy a new loving home today!!!

Anna Newman said...

LOVE this!!!!!!! Happy Lent to you and yours