Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Business As Usual

So, wondering where I have been lately? Seen the smoke coming off of my roof over my sewing room? Heard my sweet mail lady griping about all the packages? If so, we know it is just business as usual. Things have been hopping here at brownie-goose trying to get all the spring/summer orders done and out. Not near finished yet.....but working on it. Here are just a few shots to show that my motto is true. A clean sewing room is an inefficient sewing room.

For all of you that aren't on Facebook (you should cave, I did and I love it...and if you are on there and not a fan yet of brownie-goose's page - you should be) i just wanted to give you some pictures of some of the recent completed orders. I have been a sewing machine and am so in love with all of these new fabrics and patterns. I have been getting a ton of emails asking when i may open orders again, and honestly....i am not sure. i know that i will, but don't know when. i definitely have to get caught up on what i have going on in the meantime in order to avoid the craziness that sometimes occurs in my household. :) Oh yeah, excuse the laziness of me putting these in a slideshow, it was just the easiest thing for the time being!

Back to the machines......


Kosek Landing said...

I love seeing fabric combos! It all seem so obvious when it's put together and not in a little dot on a frame.

Playing Sublimely said...

Oh my goodness, you simply must start making larger than a 4 ;)! I just love, love, love everthing you have done here!!! I ordered lots of fabric and that pattern you use with the big ruffle collar...not so sure how it will turn out :). I'll let you know!