Friday, February 26, 2010

Moving Right Along

Okay, for the record, I am not sure yet when exactly I am opening up for more orders. I know that I will, but am still working on the first batch of spring/summer orders. thanks to everyone for their patience.

i am planning a sew-a-thon this weekend in the hopes of getting a ton done. however, for all of you fellow moms of toddlers out there....i am sure that you can understand that sometimes things don't always go as planned. :)

here are more recent pics, i know i chose the lazy way again with the slideshow, but i think this may be the way to go from now on. it is easy and quick and you still get to see the pics. excuse any duplicates....the steam coming off my iron is slowly killing off the brain cells. well, at least that is my excuse this week.

also, i am beyond myself with my brownie-goose facebook page. i have 411 fans right now and that just about makes me fall out of my chair. i love it, and love yall and are so glad that people out there like what i do! i tend to be a bit out-there sometimes and to know that other people find that great just humbles me something else! if you aren't a fan yet....come on and join since that is where i update the most pics and info and such!


Kosek Landing said...

Amy...your clothes make me smile! I just love everything. I'm really really loving that orange and blue together and those adorable caterpillar and grasshopper appliques. My order is ready for the next round :)

Elizabeth said...

Love all your things, Amy!!! YOU HAVE BEEN SUPER BUSY!!!

Can't wait to send you a pic of B in his johnjohn.