Saturday, June 12, 2010

lots of stuff

okay, lots going on. let's start here:

  • how 'bout the new look? likey? i know all the tabs are now gone and the ORDERS: CLOSED sign is gone (this DOESN'T mean i am taking orders, it just wasn't pretty on the eyes) but things are still working the same. i will soon have a fancy new website that will have all the styles, sizes and prices along with all the info about me you'd ever care about, etc. isn't my new logo brilliant? thanks again to erin holmes for that bit of graphic designing wonderfulness! this will soon be working just as a blog, like it should. just to give updates, post some pics, etc. thanks for baring with me in the process.
  • seriously guys, in my last post, i reached out for some help in how to handle the fall orders. i really want some feedback here, and haven't gotten any all ears are open here at BG!
but most importantly, remember my lenten promise? if you don't, it was called "40 days to help the strays" and you can read all about it here. well, let me just first say how embarrassed and ashamed i am at myself for just now getting to it. yes, things have been a bit crazy-wild here at BG and at the norris house-hold...but still, no excuse. these sweet, innocent animals who are waiting adoption and forever homes at CARA shouldn't have to wait because my life is wild. so, animal babies...i am so sorry, but it had gotten put on the back burner until my friend summer adopted a sweet canine from CARA last week and it refreshed my memory.

well, in the 40 days of lent....i was a busy bee. i knocked out 107 articles of clothing. whoop, whoop. i thought long and hard as to how to do the donation side of it. i would have loved to do a percentage of all articles made, but let's face it here....BG doesn't operate with a huge profit margin, and we did need some money to live off of. so, what i decided to do was to put $1 to CARA for each article i completed. so, today i went to CARA and gave them the $107 that they deserve more than anyone. i was immediately embarrassed that i couldn't give more. and the ladies there were so sweet and so thankful, but i never expected less. i don't know who said it first, but i STRONGLY believe in the saying that "animal people are good people." in fact, i use that as a judge of character a lot of the time. animal people are good souls. they just are. well, these ladies at CARA were angels in my eyes. and it inspired me to want to do more for them and all of the precious dogs and cats that i saw behind their walls. initially, i would have liked to adopt a pet per item completed, but i think byron would definitely leave me on that note. but seriously, in driving away today i cried. and my eyes were watery for a good while afterwards. my heart was broken that i couldn't give every one of those sweet animals a home. so, please...if you are looking for an animal to love in your house or know someone who is, please please please (this is me on my knees) go to CARA first. please. if you don't want an animal right now, call them up to see if they need help. see if they need dog food or cat litter or something. this is a no-kill shelter and they operate off of the good's of peoples hearts. before i continue on my soapbox, i think i need to quit. :)

but, in wanting to do more...i am *thinking* of having a certain applique on the fall line for the boys that if purchased, the proceeds would go straight to CARA. what do yall think?

okay, enough for now. must get to machines and get started before i put the tot down for a nap. but please, all input and ideas for how to handle fall orders is GREATLY appreciated!!


Nora said...

The new design is AWESOME!!!

I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the applique idea and it could be something for the boys and the girlies :-)

Little bit of info for people who may not have $$ to give or a home to give to a furry friend at the time. Shelter's need old towels, bedding, newspapers, pet carriers no longer in use and cleaning supplies..I am certain that all of us probably have a stack of newspapers sitting around or some old towels and such in our linen closets that we need to get rid of. Time is also appreciated in caring for these guys or if your not ready for a pet full time what about applying with a local rescue group to be a "foster" family until the furever home could be found.

Girl your donation can go along way in caring for a sick or injured animal! Snaps to you for working so hard to make that donation!!!

alicia harrison said...

love the home show idea! I wont be able to come since i dont live there but i love going to ones around here. So much easier and you can see everything in person which i think helps! I usually end up changin my mind on things i wanted by looking at the catalog then going to a show so great idea.
I love the idea about the applique! I wish i had a boy so i could do it but i can donate another way!