Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just an Update

Okay, still sewing away at the end of the Spring/Summer '10 line. As soon as I get this all finished up I will begin work on the new Fall line which is going to be spectactular! I have some really fun things designed in my head and am hoping that i can get them all out on paper to create some fabulous patterns that are original to brownie-goose. I am going with a vintage/retro look this fall and hope you all love it just as much as I do!

With this being said, I am also having my most favorite photographer shooting the fall line for me to put on my new website. Whoop, whoop! Katie Stafford from Mary Moment Photography will be shooting all the frocks and I am so excited as she has come up with some awesome ideas to showcase my work. All this excitement, plus the design wheels that don't start turning until around midnight have created some sleepless nights recently, but it is going to be well worth it! So, if you see my blog start looking funny or cannot go to a previous page or something, have no is just me messing around and trying to get the new site up and running.

I am still pondering how to do the ordering system in the fall as I would love for everyone to be able to order, but must also make time for my family that comes in first. I have also put some thought into having a pre-order party at my house so that I could actually meet some of my customers, but nothing is in writing yet. So, no promises. I have also put some thought into going in with some of my uber-talented friends to do a joint show/party to showcase everyone's works, but this is still in the thought process too. What does everyone think? Some ideas that have been given to me as for ordering are to limit the amount that an individual can order, limit the time-frame that I take orders, do a sort of lottery system, etc. All ideas are welcome, as I am clueless and want to do what is best for family first and then one that makes my customers happy. As my guilty-pleasure icon sings it....the best of both worlds.

So, I ask all my faithful BG customers to put your thinking caps on. What do you think is a good system? Would you like a show/pre-order gathering? Just comment on here what you are thinking.

Thanks girlies!

PS - i also just had to remove all the names and site of the girls i was advertising a few posts back since it was bringing TONS of SPAM to my site. Holler if you need these names.


Nora said...

Ok so first totally random thought that comes to mind from me would be some type of raffle...kinda like put everyone's name in a hat and draw however many orders you want to do for that particular time. But like I said this was my totally random thought upon reading this blog post. If I ponder some more ideas i'll shoot them your way :-)

Christy said...

Well, I don't live in Jackson, so I couldn't make it to a party, so I'd really be sad if that was my only option for placing an it is, I've never been lucky enough to get a place in line when you've got the orders open. I know it must be hard to try to keep up with the demand, and you do the best you can to fill as many orders as you can...have you thought about outsourcing at least part of the process? Cutting patterns, sewing, ordering/shipping? Ooh, or maybe (I've seen a couple of etsy sellers do this) you could sell the "kit" of the outfit--with all the pieces cut and instructions for putting it together. Most people either have or know someone who has the sewing skills to construct an outfit with some guidance. Just some ideas!

Anna Newman said...

I say you at least try out the presale party. I do realize a lot of great customers may be out of town though. I do like the idea of outsourcing some of your work, cutting might be an easy one to have others do for you while not giving up a lot of control over quality. I have no idea how much that would cost you though. This is so hard when so many people LOVE your work but one person can only do so much in one day. Best of luck with ideas!!!! Soooo excited about fall stuff though