Thursday, June 17, 2010

ever since i could remember i've been poppin' my collar

so, usually my ruffle pants knock the socks off of any other order that i have...but not this time. oh no, move over ruffle pants and let the new queen wear her crown.

the adeline dress

thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my customers out there that followed me on this tangent. i found this pattern about this time last year, and debated over and again about putting it on BG. i knew i loved it, but then again....conservatism in kid's fashion isn't my strength. i was very nervous about my customers liking it, but looks like you all loved as well. i cannot even tell you how many of these dresses have been worn in professional photo shoots, and do you even know how awesome that makes me feel?? that people want to have their child captured in a moment in something i have sewn. wowsers.

and just so you know, the fall line has some whammies out there too. hope you are still along for the ride into the non-conservative side. :)

now, let us just pay homage to the adeline as seen here shot by my fave photographer, mary moment photography. here is the original BG model.


Anna Newman said...

it IS a super cute dress!!!!! i am on pins and needles waiting on this new retro collection. will i be broke?! YES

Robin, Tommy, and Manze said...

How precious! I am so bummed I did not get "in" in time before orders closed for the Summer! So, I am checking back daily so I can make sure I get to order from the Fall line! I can't wait!!!!

TeenyTinyFashions said...

Love the new look of your blog...and the Adeline is a cutey (the model is even cuter though) : )