Monday, June 14, 2010

i'm a numbers girl

okay, so you know how i like to count back at the end of the season and see how many orders overall i completed, right. right. well, i just sat down to count spring/summer '10 to see where my tally was. and so far, from the numbers on my order sheets (not counting last minute orders, or changes or things that were snuck in) the magic number is:


rock it out BG. super proud. this number is not near the 691 of the fall (that also included SEC and christmas) but my goal was to keep it down so that i could also maintain my sanity and some time for my family. so, all in all...i am pretty impressed. go ahead thelma & louise!

so, i am wrapping up the spring/summer orders slowly but surely. i think i have less than 30 now, which makes me breathe a little easier.

onto fall in the next step. i just got the majority of the fabric in the mail today. still waiting on some of the yardage to trickle in, but it is fun and so fitting with the idea that i have for the fall line. lessons learned the hard way, no spoiler pics just yet but maybe just a little is retro, it is boho and it makes me smile.

i've been getting some great feedback for how to handle fall orders. many people like the idea of the trunk show/preview party....but some are concerned since they are out of town. don't you worry out-of-towners, especially my repeat-offenders, you will still get to order if i did that. i cannot be forgetting you girls! as i said before, i would absolutely fall over myself to get to meet my customers instead of just knowing their emails, method of payments and kids measurements...but i also almost pee my pants just thinking of the overwhelming amount of orders that may come in and if i would lose my cool in front of everyone and give everyone a show of the sailor tongue or not. hmmmmm. i am still waiting for the right answer to come to me. i do think this time that i will debut the line BEFORE i start taking orders so everyone can have a chance to look it over and make choices without feeling rushed.

okay, the treadmill is calling my name at the moment and when i time it JUST right...the toddler gets to watch a fave show and i get peace on the motorized asphalt. :)

peace out peeps.


Mandy said...

Whew! So relieved that us out-of-towners will still get to order! I must admit that I was a lil' nervous! I wish I could come home for a trunk show! Fun, Fun!

Sarah Broadus said...

if you do trunk shows, Im so there. I will help you set up, tote, decorate, whatever you want!

Kosek Landing said...

Love the trunk show idea! I'd love to help with whatever you need. Location (if we aren't already moved), although, I don't know if my Belhaven home can accomodate your fan base!

Shala said...

hey sweet friend! i l-o-v-e the new logo and can't wait to see the fall line. Ava Clarke and I are anxiously waiting to order her fall wardrobe! Another year...another funky-fab wardrobe!

Jessica said...

I am totally loving the your new look for BG and I think you did a super fabulous job for Spring/Summer 2010 and I am so looking forward to the Fall/Winter line! I am so praying I get to order and get some cutie outfits for my Ava!!! I'm pumped up about all of your ideas and can't wait to see what happens! I think a preview is a GREAT IDEA since I love every single thing you do and wish I could afford it ALL!!!!!! Looking forward to what's in store and I hope you have a relaxing weekend! Thanks for your super awesome ideas and clothing!!!