Wednesday, January 20, 2010

holy haberdashery batman....over 100 orders already!

The title was the status for my BG page on Facebook earlier today, and the madness has continued, so once again the green light has turned red for the moment.

But, don't get discouraged if you didn't get your order in. I will use the orders open/closed as kind of a revolving door. I have closed them for now since I have already taken over 150 orders in 3 days. That is nuts and will have my hands full for the next month or so. In the meantime, I will be posting some pics of the new outfits and once I start to get a handle on it, I will let the green light shine again!

If you have already talked to me about your order, or if you have emailed and just not decided yet...I have you on the list. So, chances are...take you time in deciding, and I will hunt you down when I am ready to start on your order if I haven't heard from you.

Wow....yall are awesome!


Kosek Landing said...

dang diggity! I just couldn't decide and I thought to myself, I'll just let this marinate and make my decision at work tomorrow...or maybe I won't! I'll be ready next time! You are so so busy, it's so so crazy!

The Fab Five said...

WOW chica!! that is nuts! but great!!