Friday, May 31, 2013

wonky crotch and plumber's booty

how's that for a title? hehe, get your interest?

okay, i have had some feedback lately regarding the summer sailors and proper line ups with pattern printing. i have checked and double checked my master copy and on the master copy all of the lines match up. with that said, i have also printed a few times at my own house and had an instance where everything didn't line up perfectly. so, all i can say is that i think there are some issues maybe with printers and when the paper pulls from the printer??? i am no computer genius, but i can help with trouble shooting!

i put together a small little tutorial to help you if your inseams aren't matching up perfectly. also, confessions...this is how i sew EVERY single pant, shorts, capri, etc pattern since i tend to be on the sloppy side sometimes when cutting out a pattern. i always like to cut the pieces, then line up the crotch points and cut the inseams at once so that i know they will line up like butter. :)

hope this will help clear up any confusion!

now that we have cleared our sewing rooms of wonky crotch and plumber's booty...we are ready to move right along, huh? hehe.

ps - i am so highly annoyed that i took the time to make these PDFs so that they would be clearer only to realize that blogger no longer accepts PDFs. grrrrrr. so, sorry for the blurriness, if i didn't have 2,830 loads of laundry to do today i would redo it all, but right now i am off to the washing machine!

also, i am off to the beach for a week starting tomorrow and dare i say this vacay could NOT have come at a better time. in the last week my youngest has had surgery, my brown dog got sick, i had to put my brown dog down and then the youngest got pneumonia. needless to say, my toes are screaming for some sand and my shoulders are dying for some sunshine and my hands are ready to hold a cold bevo. oh and did i mention my belly is ready for boiled peanuts? ;)

i will be going unplugged this vacay - so the shop will shut down and i will be away from emails and facebook for the week. be back next sunday! thanks again ladies!!


kraftingkarol said...

This is a great tutorial in how to fix wonky crotches and plumber butts!! Thank you SO SO much and have a GREAT vacation!!!

Kasey McKay said...

have fun on your vacation, and forget about work for awhile! :)

tricityty said...

Oh you definately need a vacation! Relax. :) I had the same problem with the crotch but I had figured out how to match the seams and shave it down. The next pair I made were perfect!! :)

socalfem said...

I did what you said in this tutorial but now when I sewed the side seam there is at least a inch of fabric the heck am I doing wrong ?

Thanks Pam

jonesalbert said...

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