Tuesday, May 14, 2013

summer sailors just got better

now, i love these shorts. and since they are one of my best sellers, i know that you just might love them too. i mean, you kinda can't love them. but then again, as their momma i feel i am a bit biased.

BUT...you asked, and i listened. you wanted more sizes. and here they are. the summer sailors are now available all the way up to a size 12. and i may or may not have jerry-rigged a muslin of the size 12s to fit my booty. you can do it too, and shhhhhhh...it will be our secret.

so, if you were holding out to get this pattern when the sizes were increased, head on over to my etsy shop and grab them up here.

OR if you already have them and want the extra sizes, head over to my etsy shop here and grab the upgrades. fun stuff, right? now, just a disclaimer (and i have it written everywhere to hopefully not confruse anyone) this upgrade IS NOT A COMPLETE PATTERN. as you will see, it is only $1. if you have not purchased the sailor pattern before, please don't buy the upgrade. i promise, it will not do you a lick of good. pinky promise. but, if you do by accident, holler at me and i will refund so you can buy the actual pattern with the complete tutorial, etc.

now, are you about ready to run over to my etsy shop and grab you up some sailors? because if not, i am about to be a bad influence and motivate you just a smidgen. enabling at its best...

one of my rock star geese has written up a tutorial on how to add real, functioning pockets to your sailors. seriously, rock on, right? now your sailors are complete for all the lip glosses, rocks, pennies, whatever that little girl feels the need to put into her pockets. or, as a sweet friend of mine's little girl says, "she now has hands to put her pockets in!"

bookmark this ladies. pronto. and if you see kari (the brilliant goose) running around in the awesome PDF page on facebook, give her neck a quick hug and tell her thanks for her brilliance! and while you are bookmarking, go ahead and bookmark pattern revolution too. you won't be sorry. promise. robin has some great ideas and lots of things in the works for those that just might enjoy sewing. :)

thanks ladies - and have a great week. i am gonna fall off the BG face of the earth for maybe a week or so and try and tackle some DIY projects at home. once i feel i get enough accomplished (is there really a such thing when you buy an 80 year old fixer-upper?), i plan to dive back into the sewing room and finish up the last few steps of 2 of my newest patterns. i *think* you might like them. :)

peace out geese!


Kari @ That's-Sew-Kari said...

I can't wait to see the new patterns!! And thanks, for the shout out :) Happy to be in your flock.

Simply Swanky said...

Now if we can get an upgrade on the Darby shorts I will be one happy goose ;0)

Unknown said...

When will your etsy shop reopen. I have been trying to purchase this pattern for a few days but it says you shop is on vacation.