Wednesday, May 1, 2013

welcome to BG you sweet lazy susan!

seriously one of the most versatile patterns in the BG collection. you need this one in your collection. and let me just tell you why. :)

the lazy susan is a dress and she is a top. she can have a flutter sleeve or not. you can put a contrasting band around the bottom if that is what you fancy, or not. split the bodice up into different fabrics OR my personal fave, herringbone block (detailed instructional tutorial included) it. seriously ladies, pick your poison.

wait, did i mention she has a boatneck? the boatneck is quite possibly one of my FAVE cuts ever. for real. if you looked into my closet and saw all of the boatneck tops i owned, you would think i was a nutcase. but this cut is classic. tried and true, tested over the years and never out of style.

oh wait, i also think i need to tell you about the sweet little button up back that she has. because you all know this girl loves a button. 

ask and you shall receive ladies...she is graded up to a size 10.

and one more thing...this will knock the socks off of you ladies that have been sewing BG for a while, there is NO selvage width skirt. holy macaroni. can you believe it? nope, not lazy susan. she has a full, and i mean full skirt that makes her oh so sweet and perfect for twirling in case you have little girls that like to twirl. i have yet to run across a little girl that didn't twirl. :)

have i sold you yet? if not, take a look at all the awesomeness that came from my testers...

i could eat this child to pieces. her cheeks and her smirks make my day. and she loves a labrador, brownie points for real. 

i absolutely die over the next 2 pictures. 

i die with that poppy fabric. and i do love red shoes. 

and we all know this little goofball...

so, do you love her? because i sure do. and best news yet...she hits my etsy shop tomorrow. i am so excited i can't hardly stand it. and this is one of the first patterns i have released in a while that i wasn't in cahoots with my buddy hilary of hbfabrics. but, she is busy being a tourist and enjoying herself and posting all kinds of awesome pictures while she is in london with her sweet family. oh wait, did i happen to tell you she also had a new adventure on her hands? we just got some belts in yesterday and love them!

okay, after looking through all the pictures i just decided i needed to make another one. man i love this pattern! what will you make?


Kasey McKay said...

i'm loving it! can't wait to get it and start whipping out some summer stuff. :)

Jeanine The Crafting Fiend said...

I absolutely LOVE it!

Unknown said...

Holy moly, I have to have it! Like, yesterday! I will be stalking your Etsy shop!!!
Thank you for another fantastic pattern!

Jessica said...

Yup, I'm smitten! She's got me going round, round, round. Can't wait to make this Lazy Susan mine!

Stifle said...

I love it!!!

Chasingmermaids said...

ok AMY new favorite again...i chose the best blue fabric and it is precious! thx girlie!

Unknown said...

I stumbled upon your blog thinking it's really about the lazy Susan only to find out that it's about these beautiful little girls. Hmm. God bless their souls!
Ed of

Unknown said...

Absolutely I adore the photos here, they are stunning.
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Soul Sista said...

On a scale from 1 - 10 with 1 being beginner sewing stage, and 10 being advanced, what number would you rate this pattern?