Sunday, March 21, 2010


okay....i am SWAMPED here at brownie-goose. SWAMPED. i have gotten more orders in the second round than i got in the first...also throw in there my daughter's 3rd birthday, a full-fledged bathroom renovation, a week that i will be in savannah with family, and my own family here in my house.

so, please be patient with me and your order. i work as fast as i can, but i also produce a quality product that cannot just be thrown together. my family comes first, and i sew while my toddler sleeps, is at mother's morning out and when the rest of the world is in bed. also, i try to spend more time with my machines than in front of the computer with my email - so there may be more delay in me answering.

thanks again for everyone's support. i had no idea when i came up with the hunch to start sewing for the public that this would be the reaction. it is amazing and overwhelming at the same time. you guys are awesome and if it wasn't for wouldn't be what it is today. however, i am also trying to keep it small for the time being since i am not quite ready to hire out my sewing. thanks again to the best fans a business could have!

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