Wednesday, March 10, 2010

more faces

Just some more new applique faces to show and make you smile! I try my hardest to keep my applique page updated, but sometimes it just gets hard when things get your best bet is to look at all my albums on Facebook!

If you are a dinosaur expert...please don't study this guy too hard. I googled a bunch of different dinosaurs and took characteristics from a bunch of different ones to make it applique-friendly. :)

Oh, and Kristen.....those were the only 2 pictures in the last one. :) PS - Wondering who Kristen is? Check out her fun website chock-full of personalized gifts and fun things! She is at and she is having a huge spring sale, wahoo!

Oh my, I almost forgot to debut this little cutie!!

Want more details? Check here out, click here!

1 comment:

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

oh my gosh. must have a little girl. must have girl.