Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just an Update and Some Pics

Okay, not much to say today...other than am trying to get these orders out as quick as I can. But, just to give an idea, I have 10 pages of orders from this second go-round and I am only on the 2nd page. So, while I am getting there...I have also had some other things going on that have kept me from the machines, but am getting back in the grove. This week I know for sure there is one day I wont be at the machines...Tuesday because my sweet little girl turns 3 and we have a fun-filled day planned, and then another day I will be helping Byron to lay the tile in the bathroom. We also have family coming in town this weekend for birthday just a bit going on in the land of BG.

Here are just a few pics of recent...

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Kosek Landing said...

I could look at pictures of your clothes all night! They are gorgeous. I'm still loving all that blue and orange...and I'm an Alabama girl...those colors are fightin' words in Tuscaloosa...but I don't care, I'd fight for them on those fabrics!