Wednesday, July 31, 2013

who's ready for a fall promo?

if you have your hand raised and are repeating, "me, me, me!" then you have come to the right place.

i am slowly working on trying out some new things with brownie-goose (hence the sew along and trying to get this blog/website more user-friendly for you ladies) and so when a good sewing friend/designer of mine mentioned teaming up...i jumped at the chance. 

you all know me, skeletons and all. but now let me introduce you to someone that you may or may not know. 

meet Sara...the girl behind Molly Blossom Design.

funny thing about sara and i, we are both georgia girls and went to the university of georgia at the same time. however, we never met until we were both in jackson, ms while our husbands trained at the university hospital there. it was a crazy coincidence to start with, and then we both realized we shared the same love of fabric, sewing, cloth diapering, home sweet home (georgia), etc. she blows my mind with some of the amazing creations she makes for herself (check out her blog pretty pickle) and leaves me wanting to sew for myself more. she also is in the world of children's clothing pattern design, and has some really unique designs.i am always left wondering where she finds all her fun fabrics.

and with that said, it is her newest design, the Candy Carousel Dress, that she has brilliantly paired with my lola bells.
match made in heaven? yeah, i am pretty convinced. and so is lou, she has already asked for more "twirly" dresses. and does it surprise any of you that the next one she wants the big pretty bow? this dress tends to be a little girl's dream with the ruffles, bows and twirl factor. it was a dream for me since it was such a quick and easy sew with a beautiful finished product (that fit SPOT on might i add). this dress is one of those that you can make numerous ones for your little girl's closet, but no one would ever know since you can jazz it up with fabrics (you can also probably stash-bust with this one and its tiers) or sew it all all in one for the perfect dress/top to blend.

so, with those pictures still fresh in your head - are you ready for some promo info? since the weather will start to turn a little cooler in the next few months (or if you are in the south as well...maybe around december, haha) the candy carousel dress and the lola bells are the PERFECT solution to that crazy fall weather where the mornings are a bit chilly but the afternoons are pleasant. 

have i sold you yet?

how about if i told you that sara and i have teamed up to offer you these 2 patterns in a bundle together for 35% off? everyone loves a sale!

so, from now until saturday night, sara and i will be offering the candy carousel dress and the lola bells in a bundle together (with instant download, cha-ching) at 35% off. meaning you can get both of these patterns for $12. awesome-sauce if you ask me. we will have listings in both of our etsy shops (brownie-goose and molly blossom designs) - so go shopping, get a bundle...and don't worry, we wont tell if something else jumps into your cart. :)

for some other fun news - sara has planned to have a tutorial on her molly blossom design blog on how to shorten your candy carousel dress into a tunic. this bit of information makes the dress even more versatile as your little girl can wear it well into the summer months too (and might i mention i cannot wait to see one over those sweet little shorties she has??). she also plans to add a tutorial on how to swap out that beautiful bow closure with wait for it....buttons. SWOON.

and for some fun lola bell news - she is in the process of being graded up to a size 12! that upsize will be in the shop just like i did with the summer sailors recently in the next week. more info will be given on those larger sizes when i also feature a tutorial on how to put this awesome strip down the side of your lolas. 
so with all the talk of back to school shopping, new schedules, bedtimes, etc. go treat yourself to a new fall promo! your little girl will thank you as she walks the hallways styling in her BG and molly blossom!

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