Tuesday, July 16, 2013

let's hear it for the first ever BG sew along!

okay ladies...totally new territory for the girl behind BG here. but, you asked...and i caved. i mean, i do like to have a good time!

sew alongs. i am probably like the last person in the free world to catch on this train. i also just recently got on the whole shorty train too and i am completely obsessed. anyways - they are about to begin here at BG and i am so stinking excited!

here are the rules:

1. there are no rules.

seriously. mostly because i would probably break them am new to this as well and basically just want to have fun, help to teach a few different techniques to your BG pattern and get everyone involved in sewing. i really, really am so excited that more and more people are sewing. it makes me smile!

the first sew along will start next week. i will be showing you how to take your already crazy-versatile lazy susan pattern and make it in knit. knits are becoming oh so popular lately and rightfully so. once over the fear of sewing them (yall, they really aren't bad, especially not the good ones...the bad ones, well they cause me to make up bad words and lose my religion all while dripping sweat from my underarms) you will realize how much you can do with them, how forgiving (i have to giggle here, i had written unforgiving and literally read it 3 times before it dawned on me i had the wrong word, talk about an editing disaster, haha) they are and mostly...your kids will love them. they are so comfortable!!

now, i will totally confess to you and tell you that i fought the knit craze as hard as i could. i was scared to death of the stuff. i had no reason to be, i just was. well, one day, i finally caved and gave it a good try. i am so glad i did. now, i wont tell you that i am always tooting glitter and kissing unicorns when i sew knit, because that isn't true. when i have a good knit, the unicorns are there and purring while i sew, wait do unicorns purr?? but, when i have a thin, slinky, rolly knit...earmuffs to everyone in a 50 mile radius. promise.

but in all honesty...that happens with wovens too. i mean, we all have some not so dreamy days in the sewing room, right?

but, more than anything, if you are new to knits - WELCOME and i am here to hopefully get you prepared. we will do this together and you will get hooked and start looking for knits wherever you go! so, first things first. read up on knits. google search everything you can think of. that is what i did, and what i still do to this day. this is a GREAT blog post for knits. seriously. i have it bookmarked because it covers almost everything you will ever need!

now, for buying your knits. just like any other fabric, not all knits are created equal. you will learn quickly the different in a good knit and a bad knit. my most fave knit of all times is a cotton lycra. to me, it has enough beef to the fabric for ease of sewing, and it has a great recovery (meaning it wont stay all stretched out) thanks to the lycra. i sew with jersey knit a lot, since that is what you will usually find locally like at hancocks, joanns or hobby lobby. but you have to be careful since your jersery will not recover. for instance, if you make a pair of pants or leggings, when the knees strech for bending/sitting, that fabric wont recover and you will wind up with baggy knees. 

the most important piece of advice i can give you with a knit is to feel it. but, that is nearly impossible since most local stores don't carry a large selection. so, if you are buying online...look for the weight. i like to stay in the 8 oz and up category. i heart a 10 oz, but you cannot always luck out.

so, for those of you that are ready to shop for some knits to test your waters...i asked on my FB page and here are some of the places you suggested:
how fantastic is that! and i just heard a little birdy tell me that chez ami is actually having 30% off right now! i have never ordered from them, but have only heard great things! 

for the sew along, i am going to be showing you 2 different ways you can construct the bodice:

ONE: for when you have a very thin knit. (this particular knit is from girl charlee and is the chartreuse oatmeal stripe, i cannot remember its weight but i want to say it was around 6-7. it is thin, and a bit see-through but it has rayon so it is ooooooh so soft!).

TWO:  for when you have a heavier knit. (this knit is also from girl charlee, it is the peacock cotton lycra. it is labeled as 10 oz. i really like it, and the color is beautiful. photos don't do it justice!)

so, before next week - go get you some knit fabric, do some homework/reading on knits and grab the lazy susan pattern if you haven't already. oh yeah, and i almost forgot...come and join in the fun of brownie-goose lovers on facebook. that is where we can all share photos and tips for the sew along (and all the time actually).

i think the sew along will start on monday - but as i said, no rules...so i haven't gotten it all figured out just yet. ;) but i know it will be fun! and as i work on the blog to get it more user-friendly...bear with me! technology is not my strong point. :)

and in case you don't have the pattern yet but want to shop...here is what you need:

sorry this is so blurry - how frustrating! now, the one confusing part is that you may NOT need a lining depending on the weight of your fabric. but not many places will cut anything less than 1/2 yard anyways, so you should be good to go! also, you can construct not just the bodice, but the skirt as well of knit or you can mix and match like i did above with a knit bodice and woven skirt. possibilities are endless!


Chasingmermaids said...

super duper excited for this sewalong...so glad you are leading us through this fantastic journey with an amazing pattern:)

KellyS said...

Excited here too! I hope I can participate, just need to grab the pattern and search through my stash to see what I have.

Kathy said...

Neat-O bandito!

RyanandJenn said...

when does this start?

Hilary said...

Oh I want to be in on this one!!! I may try! I just have wedding shorts to sew for the bro's wedding!!! Hmm maybe I can squeeeeze it in! Thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

Great post! Thank you for the mention.

~Janet http://www.girlcharlee.com/