Sunday, September 2, 2012

oh sweet hattie!

i have a few designs that take my breath away each and every time that i look at them. no matter how many times.

the hattie is for shizzle one of those designs.

this dress brought me to tears at the drafting table a little over a year ago. i walked away from it numerous times with many 4-letters behind me swearing i was quitting it. but, it never left me alone. it would haunt me in my dreams and i would be right back at it the next morning. and finally, one day it just worked and i think i went a few minutes without breathing.

i love everything about this design. i love the ruffled neck with a pleated front...

i really love the gathered sleeves with the buttons on the tabs. you know me, i am a sucker for a button.

i adore the short length. i know not everyone agrees with me here, but i love a short dress on a little girl. can you tell i am a huge fan of the brady bunch and the fashion of that time period?

well, it has finally made itself to pdf form so that all of you can create the sweet hattie as well. and i decided to draft it tunic length as well, because i honestly cannot stand how stinking adorable it looks over some skinny jeans. 

as soon as i publish this blog, she will be in the etsy shop. for sale. for you. i hope you love her. i certainly do. and so does lou...don't let that sassy face fool you.

now, for a little more info about what i have been up to. yall, i swanny i haven't stopped in 2 weeks. i have been busting it with patterns and pdfs and tutorials and measurements, etc. i have decided to finally start to include larger sizes and honestly the drafting is kicking my tail. i have been pouring over measurements, sweating under my arms and holding my mouth just right hoping that my insane collection of sizes is working out well. i was a bit humbled to find one day that MY inseam was only a few inches from that of a 12 year old. ouch.

but, to be honest - i cannot keep this pace going. i am exhausted and my brain isn't functioning at full capacity. i mean, think about today - i almost FORGOT to publish hattie. oh my. so, what i plan to do is shut down the etsy shop on thursday of this week for a bit so that i can play double-time with the patterns. i have a special little brown doggy (the brownie of BG)


 that turns 11 on the 16th, and i think we all know that i LOVE to celebrate a birthday with a little flash sale. and since technically a flash sale is not planned - that is all the info i can give you about that for now. ;)

again - ladies, i am blown away by the pictures of your creations you send me. i love to see what spin you put on my patterns. it seriously puts a big ole smile on my face. keep it up!

so, hattie getting published, etsy shop closing thursday and in the meantime...someone else you may know turns 33. just a hint, here she is throwing her hands in the air and LOVING life. 


peace out my brownie geese.


Linzi Lou's said...

Oh how I love the tunic you made out of the vintage material you found It brought tears to my eyes... I thought about what you said and seriously can feel my great granny standing over my shoulder (chills)! Happy Bday to you and Brownie! (Ps.. I am making Lily in candy corn eek)

Unknown said...

You are so VERY talented! Everything you do amazes me (and with little ones too..Wowza!) I have two kiddos that are right at the same age as yours, and I honestly don't know how you do it!!! You deserve an award!!! Thanks for working so hard so that I can obsessively stalk your fb page and etsy shop. ;)

Lengland said...

Beautiful~! I can just say that I see that you might have a sale this week but I couldn't wait! Happy early birthday! I had my big 36 yesterday! I had emailed you a few weeks back about pattern testing,(mommyslilangels1@g mail . com so if you need one in the future I'd be honored! You are one seriously talented lady! My sister had bought me the Nelle dress pattern a while back and I can't get enough of it! I've got 3 dresses being sewn on my table as I speak! Thanks again for your talents and for sharing them!

Unknown said...

Will you be selling Hattie again in the near future? It is so cute!!

Unknown said...

Hi - I have eyed this pattern for a while, and now chill weather is upon us! Have you ever made it using fine wale corduroy? Do you think it would be possible to make the ruffle in corduroy?
Thank you