Tuesday, September 20, 2011

how DOES it work?

okay, question for you etsy-savvy BG-ers out there. i know you are out there.

i had a customer email today and ask how the whole daydream believer upload would go and if etsy let you keep things in your cart while shopping for others. and you know what...i have NO clue and had honestly never thought about this until now. i know that you can leave things in your cart, but since i will only be putting up a certain quantity, if you don't check out and it is sitting in your cart it is still available (i lost some FAB vintage buttons that way, sad) for others to grab and checkout. did that make any sense?? so, hmmmm.

i had thought about doing uploads by size. so one day upload everything 6-18 months, the next day 2-3, etc so that no one has to spend time searching through the sizes. here i was thinking this was brilliant, but i never thought that while someone put a sapphire nelle in their cart and went back to grab some sleepy jeans if that nelle would still be there...

so, now i am thinking that i need to do uploads by outfit maybe? and then hold off on shipping (and refund if people paid shipping more than once) until the uploads are done???

what do yall think? help me here girlys!

speaking of being technologically sub-par...brownie-goose has joined the world of twitter. follow me @brownie_goose - but until i figure it all out i cannot guarantee i will do anything. hehe.


Anonymous said...

I have stuff sitting in my cart that's been there for MONTHS. As long as you're logged in, it will stay in your cart, and you can travel from shop to shop, too.

Katie P said...

I know things will stay "in" your cart but I have no idea as to whether it takes it out of that persons store for a certain amount of time to save it for you or if someone can buy it out from under you. I am no help in this dept.

H_Probst said...

It will stay in your cart but if someone else buys it it will show "no longer available". So the way I do it is to list and then just wait a few days, then combine orders so I can refund shipping for multiple items. There is no way to reserve an item without checking out.

The McDonalds said...

Have you considered moving the shop to HyenaCart instead? I am not sure how the fees compare to etsy, but I know that when highly sought-after cloth diaper stores stock, once you hit the "buy" button and that diaper is in YOUR cart, it is unavailable for anyone else shopping. However, a shopper must be 100% sure they are going to buy an item because if they don't, the seller has to restock the item. It doesn't re-stock itself when you remove it from your cart (as far as I know).

Hope that helps!