Sunday, September 25, 2011

the old switch-a-roo

okay, so since the last post i figured out how i am going to work the uploads of daydream believer.

no more etsy for daydream...i have nothing against etsy. in fact, sometimes i think i love etsy a little too much. this is one of the reasons i am still holding out on pinterest. i mean, i can lose hours on etsy...i can only imagine how pinterest will rot my brain. :)

all of daydream believer will be uploaded to my new store on big cartel. bookmark this one NOW.

the main reason i swapped over for the uploads of DB is for you guys. unlike etsy, big cartel will hold something in your cart for 30 minutes. if you haven't paid for it after 30 minutes, it will be dropped. but...this allows you to add in a sapphire nelle and go back and grab a pair of sleepy jeans too without losing that nelle - which unfortunately is how etsy works.

now, this may be a disaster, who knows. i just really want everyone to have an opportunity to get what they want. i lost out on some vintage buttons on etsy one day after i put them in my cart and went to shop in the same store to see if there was anything else i 'needed.' i still dream about those buttons...i don't want the sleepy jeans to be your vintage buttons. :) i will continue to sell on etsy mostly patterns and such, so don't forget about me there. etsy really is such a great place for all things creative!

so, on the first upload...which will be this week sometime you will see the mocha penny lane, the sapphire nelle, the sleepy jean and the rusty nina tunic. i am going to put up on the blog pictures, descriptions and sizing info for all 4 of these the day before the upload so you can plan what you want and what size works for you. i had HOPED to have this to do today, but a certain little sweetness decided against napping yesterday and then another certain little seamstress chose the bed over her sewing room last night. whoops. so, keep an eye out and i will let everyone on FB know what is going on. remember...facebook is kinda acting a fool right now. you may NOT see me post, so you may want to click on there every now and then to make sure you aren't missing.

i know for sure that there will be more sapphire nelles down the road. i hope to have more sleepy jeans too, but the fabric is on back order until november and i have already used one bolt. i will not be getting in more of the brown/oatmeal stripe knit, so penny lanes may and may not go back in stock...just depends how much of the fabric i use for skyline tanks and butler britches.

sound good my dears?


julierross said...

I know what I am doing all week (in addition to working of course!)

cwilson.rn said...

Yay! Let the BG stalking begin :)Hope it's not the day I'm working! Eeeeek! Getting nervous now! LOL

Brad, Amy, Bes and Mae said...

EEEEEEEEEE!! My blood pressure is officially up! You continue to amaze me... how do you have time to do all this!?! YOU are the only reason I miss being on FB!!