Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the girl behind BG

okay, as usual right before a season begins my inbox is flooded with emails asking how to order, when to order, etc. now, one would think going on 3 years i would have this all figured out by now - but the secret is...i don't. so, i am gonna put it all out there to answer any questions or wonderings of who i am and why BG is like it is.

i am amy. i am blond, i am short and i am fiesty. i am a type-a personality that is dealing with her control-freak demons and i am the owner of a creative brain that never turns itself off. i am haunted all day and night by a mind that constantly puts fabrics together and pieces out patterns and designs. i am a sewing nerd that gets overly excited about buttons, thread, top stitching and inseams. a tailor that finds it soothing to walk into a sewing room and lose herself in design. i am the girl behind BG. that's me.

i am also a mother to these adorable little chirrens and a wife to that handsome hubby.

i have struggled over the last 3 years trying to figure out the balance between the amy, the BG and the family. for too long i let the BG be first. i was sewing for everyone that emailed and staying up late at night and not spending QT with my family. but i was everyone's seamstress. i was making everyone happy. or so i thought...deep down, i wasn't. so, i changed it up again. and here i am now.

this is the new BG.

i am not trying to be the biggest, the best, the busiest, the first or the fastest. i am just trying to be me. i am simply a girl that loves her sweet family, and is thankful to have a sweet family and even more thankful that it wasn't too late before i realized it. i am also a girl that falls victim to her spinning wheels in the brain and is thankful for that creative design that is embedded in my mind. thankful for a passion of design that lets me be me.

and so we have BG. on my time. so, when all is said and done and the family has been first...it becomes my time to walk into the sewing room and talk to those fiesty voices in my head and figure out the designs. it is time to put fabrics together and put designs on paper. and then, it is time for me to create. my fun time when i get to let the amy out. when i am simply the girl behind BG.

as i have said many times before, i honestly have the best customers out there. understanding, supportive and unbelievably loyal. and while it makes me sad that i cannot have all of your kids sporting the BG, i am glad that yall keep coming back. many ask why i don't bring someone else on to help out and to be able to pump out more...and the answer is simple. that is not my BG. i cannot even begin to explain the amount of flattery in knowing that people love what i do as much as i do. humbling, to say the least. and while i think it would be fantastic to see my work out there more as in trunk shows, wholesale in boutiques, etc...it just isn't for me now. check back in a few years if i can keep it all coming and the kids have grown up, but for right now...BG remains me, myself and i. a small-time kid's clothing business run by a sewing nerd on a small budget. :)

so, that is me. i hope it helps to clear up any questions and wonderings. i am not being selective and picking favorites, i am just creating on my own time, which any mother of small children know is very minimal. and as usual, thanks for being the most supportive customers a girl can ask for. thanks for being there through it all. thanks for loving BG as much as i do. :)

and if you are wondering how to get the goodies...bookmark my etsy store for that is where it will be if it comes off the machines. :) http://www.etsy.com/shop/browniegoose?ref=si_shop

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kerri said...

As a mom of 4 and the very proud owner of a Millie (hehe). I can totally understand... Those babies are number 1 and enjoy your downtime however you please, if that includes sewing absolutely mindblowing creations or if its with a glass of wine and a porch swing...these are the best days. You will never look back and say I wish I would have sewn more instead of spending so much time with my family...