Sunday, July 31, 2011

are there any cuter bloopers out there?

okay, i actually meant to do this forever ago, but i got side-tracked. imagine that.

last fall, the fabulous katie stafford of mary moment photography photographed all of my goodies for my fall line-up. it was fabulous. she has such talent behind that lens.

well, we shot for about 3-4 hours with toddlers. it was hot. i was pregnant and sick and poor katie had to get all over the ground with her 100 lb camera and was such a sport. we had fun. we had wardrobe changes numerous times, a break for grapes and ice cream and so on. she made my fall line look AMAZE-BALLS. if you know katie, that comes as NO surprise.

well, i was going through all the pictures today trying to find a good shot of the jill frock to put on the pattern (yep, i said it...whoop, whoop) and i came across the ones i had tagged and giggled at as bloopers. hehe. i had to share. i mean, you can only hold their attention so long. bless them, it was hot outside, i was making them wear fall clothes, we were making them behave themselves, sit still, etc. i mean, it isn't easy being beautiful. :)

remember, ALL of these photos are property of mary moment NOT try to copy them. thanks. oh and also, these are pics of LAST fall. BG's Get Your Fall On rocked the house. thanks to all of you!

okay, is this a sign of how she would be with a baby brother?

now, this is how addie kate does it as it evolves. :)

oh dear me, check out the nostrils on my child!

i seriously think i remember katie asking lou to give her a face like she would kiss her boyfriend...not kidding. wow.

haha, no words...

"i am a gopher girl, i only go for guys, but they don't go for me...i don't know why...chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp" and you must really know that old-school song for this one to be funny.

arrrrrrr matey. parlay?

and this is when it started to go downhill...

and really, done...

more done...

and on this's a wrap!

aaaahahahhahahaha! but on a serious note, just looking through makes me remember how much i LOVED all the colors of last fall. oooh, it makes me want to stop everything and go and lose myself in daydream believer right now too!

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Pamela Arnett said...

SO CUTE!!! I am in love with everyone of these!!! All the facial expressions are HILARIOUS!!!!