Tuesday, April 26, 2011

behind brownie-goose

so, for those of you that are new to BG, or haven't read my "about me" you may not know that my hobby is named after my sweet, sweet 4-legged babes. my labradors. my first hearts. love them forever.

so - they don't get a lot of lime-light. you know, they should. but i just never think my frocks would look as cute on them. and, i doubt many of my fans would be as crazy about dog fur on clothes as i am.

but, today i had the help of mallard brown, aka brown doggie, buddy, brownie. i got him when he was 6 weeks old. he is my heart (just ask my husband). i loves him. and he loves me. in my eyes, he can do no wrong. he even walked me down the aisle in my wedding. isn't he the sweetest?

just thought i'd share. :)

ps - will be unloading some BG originals soon. the first 'release.' haha.

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