Saturday, January 15, 2011

lucky me, lucky me - look at what i am dripping with....


okay, had such an amazing response to the clementines when i put them up for auction that it knocked my socks off! awesomeness girls.

so - i figured while i had a little more time before the arrival of baby boy BG, i would try and crank a few more out. now - way easier said than done. i have said before these things are time-consuming, and goodness...when you have an assembly line of 8 of them you turn all "carol burnett" and find yourself surrounded by little cheeks, little socks, little shoes, etc. everything is little. :)

with that said - i think what the future of clementine will hold is that when i am feeling up to it, i may whip a few out. she will be a spur of the moment thing to keep my sweet little BG girls with BFFs.

so - on to what to do for the 8 that are done. 4 of these little girls will be put on etsy ( for out-right purchase. now, i am brand-spanking-new to the whole seller side of etsy. never done it everyone bare with me. i wish i could say i was not a proficient etsy buyer - but my paypal account shows other-wise. that place is just so awesome. but, i know that i do have some customers that are not on facebook and so this would allow them to have access to them as well. so, the etsy clementines will be listed TONIGHT, meaning saturday night january the 15th. maybe around 7'ish???

for the other 4, i will be putting them on facebook at a set price and will leave comments open until tomorrow night at 7 pm. so - comment on the doll that you would want, i will then at 7 pm go to my old-buddy and pick 4 different numbers. so, if your comment coincides with the number that is picked - you get a clementine. wahoo!

now for pricing. i have been 1-800-scrugglin' on how to price these things. i mean, it has been difficult. so much of my time is put into each and every one that i cannot just let them go. i have a very hard time finding other cloth dolls that are comparable to get an idea of where to set price since they vary from $16 all the way to over $100 on etsy. so, at first i decided to pull out my elementary school math and add up all the bids from the auctions and find the means and medians and see where that landed me. well - it landed me at a price range between $48 and $56 and debated on this for quite some time. then, i sat down and figured out how long it took me to finish a doll from start to finish and added in my regular 'seamstress hourly' of $20 per hour to see where that got me without materials. but, then the old realtor in me came back (she was not all that great to start with, hence why i no longer sell real estate) and really wanted to be able to have comparisons. so - with that said...for now i have come to price her at $38. for the dolls out there on the market - this is where i found the most similar to my dear clementines.

enough talk - now for getting those things up on the web for all to see, comment and hopefully win the lottery!!!!

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