Sunday, January 30, 2011


okay - i spoke about BG originals briefly this fall, but then stayed so crazy busy with BG Get Your Fall On that i didn't have much time or energy to put towards it. that i have no spring/summer line and my creative manic-mind has been working in over-drive i have decided to re-visit them again.

what, might you ask IS a BG original? well, here we go.

BG original: o·rig·i·nal, (uh-rij-uh-nl) - noun, proper - a BG original is an article of clothing that is created start to finish by the hands of amy norris and her team of sewing machines. a BG original stems from an idea that has come to mind, and may or may not be the only one in existence. BG originals take time and effort in construction as they are very detail-oriented and therefore cost more than the usual article of BG clothing and also will not be found on most lines due to the amount of time consumption.

how 'bout that fancy pants? :)

with that said - as i create BG originals, i will price them accordingly and place them for sale in my etsy store. here is that link. these articles are in limited quantity and are made in sizes that just pop out to me at the moment. i try hard not to make them louisa's size so that i can actually give them away...but that is not always the case.

how about one i just finished up this afternoon? well, sure...let's indulge. :)


Lily Ruffler in Chambray Denim & the Adeline top with lace

i personally didn't think the Adeline could get any more feminine, but methinks it did. also, this ruffler pant has been haunting my brain for about a year now, and i am SO happy to finally see it on fabric and i think i lovey! it is just a fun spin off the old-famous BG denim ruffler. likey?

want this? watch my etsy store. it is a 2T and was NOT supposed to fit my child the way it did. i must list today, or else i won't get rid of. hehe.


Jenna said...

Fancy Pants?! It was meant for my little Fancy's chunky butt! Who happens to be throwing quite a fancy tantrum at the moment since I won't let her pound the keys on my keyboard. Dra-Ma! I'll be stalking Etsy in hopes I snag it!

Kosek Landing said...

You just made me pee my pants...I LOVE those pants!

R those creative juices being squeezed Into little man's nursery decor? I would love to see some pics!

Lauren Watson said...

This is gorgeous!!!!! I love it! I wish I could sew like you!!!!! I am a "basic sewer" I guess, but my moms friend, who is a master sewer, is going to give me free lessons! I catch on pretty quick and taught myself to crochet, so I am excited that I will pick it up and be a sewing machine....LOL